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how to support your favourite food vendor and maintain social distance

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  • how to support your favourite food vendor and maintain social distance

    do you have a favourite dining establishment or coffee shop you haven't been to lately (or were planning to for downtown dining week)?

    if so, think about how much their business has dropped off in the last week or two and where it is likely to end up (the nook on 97th street is down more than 60% already

    and after you've thought about it, please think about purchasing a gift certificate or two from them. you can probably do it on-line if, like me, you are social distancing as much as possible.

    it won't make much difference to you but having that extra bit of cash available to keep their business viable until you have a chance to use the certificate could make all the difference in the world to them as the "float" you're loaning them is the gross amount, not their nominal net margin.
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    My wife, who is one of the only ones now not telecommuting in her office has been going once a day to Beans on 106th street to try to keep some funds going for them. Couldn't even make lunch for her today as she decided she would buy a sandwich from them.
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      My local shop has offered to feed me with a slingshot but so far I have deferred to just picking up my soup&san from the counter.
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        Picked up Marchysyn Sausage today at Home Meat Market. They have delivery and phone ahead pick-up too. For $.25 per ring they vacuum seal it so it can be frozen as well.

        Best Ukrainian sausage around IMHO and I would know being of 100% Ukrainian descent!

        Support them please!