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    Hi everyone,
    I have been living downtown (Queen Mary Park and now Grandin) for 10 years. Now I am combining households with my SO and we need more space. Looking at new townhouse infills (rental for now) in a central (ish) area and it has to be at least 3 bedrooms. So far we have looked in Oliver, Canora and Prince Charles.

    My question is about Canora. The place is on 151 street and 102 avenue. It appears to be an okay part of town but I am just wondering about spillover from Stony Plain Road. We are kind of behind the new Shoppers but then of course beside the Shoppers to the west is a peepshow place. We have a 17 year old that would have to catch the bus on Stony Plain Road in the early mornings, etc and I don't want her to feel unsafe.

    What I like about the area is the easy access to downtown and the McKinnon Ravine, and of course there is the big shopping area there (Safeway, London Drugs, Orange Theory, etc). I personally do not have concerns; I am thinking of my stepdaughter.

    Any insight from people who live in the area would be appreciated!! We already checked the crime maps and it doesn't appear to be any different from any other central(ish) neighborhood.


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    I would consider Canora a safe neighbourhood.
    Edmonton first, everything else second.