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  • Calgary to announce one site

    Calgary will put theirs in the Sheldon Chumir Center, which is a small, quasi hospital, which services downtown residents. The neighborhood, while it has some poverty (downtown/belt line homeless), also has a number of high end condos - probably closer to Oliver, than Boyle in nature (Boyle equivalent would be forest law / 17 Ave SE, which is some distance from where the injection site will go).

    Calgary, unlike Edmonton and Vancouver, has a long standing tradition of spreading social services around the city, they recently put social housing into (albeit controversially) a neighborhood where property values for single family homes are often over 1m (Crescent Heights) and they are taking that approach with other social housing projects. I think Edmonton would benefit from starting to do the same / give the Boyle community a bit of a break, even if it means standing up to NIMBY's in wealthy neighborhoods. An equivalent to that Crescent Heights social housing would be if City of Edmonton put some social housing where the old RAM is (I think Edmonton should, could repurpose some of that RAM stone for fa├žade and make something a lot nicer than the one below I think).

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