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    Come over to my place for coffee id have you over for a barbeque it's already unbearable as for getting worse it will get worse I went to the consultations they're already saying that they will not increase police presence Actually going to decrease police presence that came from these quacks they're actually pushing this insight BS


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      Originally posted by Swillv8 View Post
      The worst part is even if they had one site it would be 99% likely at the McAuley health centre
      McAuley health centre has proven themselves to be a bad neighbour and they have not earned the social merit on what they have done to this community on allowing people sleeping on their property 24 hours a day shooting up needles

      I had Jane Molstad at my house two years ago and she was telling me everything was perfect everything was going to get better there was massive changes coming for the positive Lotta buildings were going to get shut down houses re-renovated new house is built .there's a lot more in the details how about that the needle pick up has seen a 40% increase in the amount of needles but yet they hire two full-time people to pick up needles so there's just more people picking up needles this is all been a preamble to get this site past

      The original grant was for approximately $500,000 and as a lot of smart average Joe people say follow the money someone's getting a handout as much as they say they care about life this does not preserve life this creates more addicts. if you want to save lives have detox centres available 24 hours a day without six week waiting list
      Good to hear something towards actual detail and experience. I expect there is a whole spectrum of good and bad experiences that could be discussed to create an accurate picture of the situation(s).

      Isn't detox though often just a short-term intervention, revolving door non-solution for some?

      I would guess, yes "guess", that a multitude of approaches is needed for the multitude of conditions that are causing people to use various substances. "Harm reduction" seems like a long ignored but logical approach to mitigate against far worse situations developing.


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        Saw part of a TV show on this last week. Trying to remember what program it was on. Note the "Rorschach test" comment below. So what's new?

        Portugal decriminalised drugs 14 years ago – and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing
        The country has 3 overdose deaths per million citizens, compared to the EU average of 17.3

        Chris Ingraham Saturday 6 June 2015
        Mixed Results For Portugal's Great Drug Experiment
        Listen· 16:59
        January 20, 2011

        ...So it has become something of a Rorschach test, where people in this very polarized debate - not just in Europe, but certainly in the U.S. -can look at these numbers and make almost whatever argument they'd like to make.

        CONAN: I hate that balancing report. We like to keep things simple here.

        (Soundbite of laughter)

        Mr. O'BRIEN: Sorry, Neal. I'm sorry. I can't help you.

        CONAN: So what lessons does the Portuguese government draw? Ten years after the experiment began - a long time for an experiment, but 10 years after it began, they say, are we going to change anything?

        Mr. O'BRIEN: No. The Portuguese government is holding this up, perhaps not unsurprisingly, as a great success. You know, they point to some of the numbers we've mentioned here.

        boding was mine
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          I have some reservations but I trust the data that it will improve conditions for addicts and with back alley drug use, but it is not at all a solution for the neighbourhood, although further liberalization of drug policies could cut into the number of petty smash & grab type crimes by addicts just trying to find money for that next hit.

          If they are actually planning to reduce police presence as swillv8 says then that's a disgrace.

          There needs to be enforcement of the public disturbances that seem to be happening all the time in the area, police (and society) need to be willing to do something about constant offenders who can't afford to pay a fine.
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            They cannot increase pressure/presence because it will look like they are targeting these addicts I've been told.this area is not safe and will get worse with an increase in mental disorders.
            its bad enough I've been told by our wonderful eps they have their hands tied on First Nation issues as that comes as profiling even though it's 75% of the transient population in the area with the majority First Nation peddling the drugs too. I watch this **** daily and once again invitation is open to see the **** show 5pm -10 pm at night in the summer


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              Originally posted by Marcel Petrin View Post
              I'm not sure I understand why you feel that safe injection sites are going to make the problem in the area worse. Isn't that basically the exact opposite of what has been experienced every time they're tried in other cities? They don't increase, encourage, or concentrate drug use. That drug use is already happening with or without the injection site.
              Because its making the issue permanent at only certain locations - by selective choosing only one neighborhood, you mark that neighborhood as non-family friendly, and remove the great hope of some that they might one day gentrify. Its like the "we don't tolerate prostitution" signs. It does nothing to reduce prostitution, it has the opposite effect, it marks the area for anyone who doesn't know it, as the hooker stroll. This will become the needle stroll. In principal I like the idea of safe injection, but I think maybe hospitals are the best place, or commercial areas in the CBD - not close to residential.
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                I think moahunter has hit the nail on the head. I used to live in the 107th Avenue area and remember the "we don't tolerate prostitution" signs well. Occasionally I'd see a scantily clad person leaning against them while I was on my way to work (yes at 8 to 9 am).

                Swillv8 and his fellow neighborhood residents are going to be penalized by the fact that the injection sites will be permanently placed near their houses. It does decrease their property values and the perception of people who might like to visit. The sites may cause a marginal decrease in the general nuisance crimes that he has to cope with but it will create a new normal that will never ever get better.


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                  Honestly I don't post online much because all I have is negative. I am devastated, lied to by city officials, and really am questioning my life, my judgement calls, and everything I have done since June 2010 when I bought this property. I have made massive personal sacrifice to go down this road. I would ask readers how hard it would be to save $30000 a year to renovate a house? I make the money I do by sacrificing. 60plus hrs a week I have been working for over 10 years now. On top of that I spent every waking hr )( giving up on personal life/ needs/wants)for 18 months in 2013-2014 gutting and redoing everything. With work continually before and still ongoing) On top of my day job. I don't have the luxury of working 5 mins from my house. A regular work day I'm gone from 6-630pm with travel.I mentioned massive investment on my part ,I'm not talking about paying myself some absurd wage let alone any wage. Purchased a shack with 3 suites. ($178000)And turned into a beautiful single family dwelling and after agonizing decision ( because their is just to much rental in the area)put the basement studio back in $225000 so $400000 total pure cost. Yet I'm neutered by a process of zero consultation, rammed down the throats of this community on a fast track timeline and I am down $100grand instantly. I won't be able to make the money like this anymore, there is no bounce back, I literally work myself to the bone to the point of ripping my tendon right off my shoulder. Sacrifice what is this? I'm bitter and ducking angry!
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                    When you purchased your house a block away from the McCauley Health Centre 7 years ago what did you expect the neighbourhood to be like at this point? What would you have liked City Administration to do for you?
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                      ^^^There's no reason it has to be that way, any more than the existing service agencies are locked in. Ideally we would see clinics offer the same services at northgate, meadowlark and a few other locations around the city, especially since at least one goal of the idea is to help get addicts away from the street life, it doesn't make sense to send them back there every day to get their fix.

                      I don't think you can overstate how much the cumulative effect of the petty nuisance crimes and disorder is on these neighbourhoods. That's the whole reason that so many stable, employed people stay away - if it's not spilling into the alley or down the street it doesn't affect me. it's all those little things- every time you have to listen to belligerent drunks fight on the sidewalk, find used (and dangerous) needles in the alley, or have your car rifled through right in front of your house wears you down and cuts into your quality of life. That, and the response from the police and authorities that they just don't care and I can understand why swillv8 feels beaten down.

                      That's not how it works in the suburbs. Everyone knows that there are drug houses here and there, in all sorts of neighbourhoods. When it's close by everyone knows where it is, but it doesn't drag down the whole neighbourhood because whatever associated crap stays inside - and when it doesn't the authorities listen to the neighbours and then shut the place down fast.

                      That needs to happen here too.
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                        Originally posted by Highlander II View Post
                        ^^^There's no reason it has to be that way, any more than the existing service agencies are locked in. Ideally we would see clinics offer the same services at northgate, meadowlark and a few other locations around the city, especially since at least one goal of the idea is to help get addicts away from the street life, it doesn't make sense to send them back there every day to get their fix.
                        Why not try it then at one of those locations first? Once these get accepted in neighborhoods, then sure, put one McCauley. Again though, its the pilot - and I'm willing to bet, once it goes in there, it will be used as an excuse by other neighborhoods to NIMBY not get one as well (look at the mess outside there - look at the crime rate, etc., even if none of that is related the shooting gallery). Its pretty naïve to think Edmonton's experience is going to be any different from Vancouver, a city with two times the metro population, that has one for the whole region, in East Hastings.
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                          ^ Yeah, that's the politics. Although there seems that we will have more than one right from the getgo.
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                            ^start with just the Royal Alex, IMO. Then go to other hospitals, including the general downtown, u of a, misericorida, grey nuns, etc. Before you know it, the whole city is covered, but at least its built into a large facility so the impacts to local residents aren't going to be as obvious.
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                              I don't know what to say. I grew up in a small town, sheltered, ignorant, and had no idea in the variance in laws being enforced vs area. I thought the health clinic was precisely that open to " regular" people. I didn't expect a " business" to be run so poorly, they have zero social license. Based on how they maintain their exterior and order. I was busy working a12/2 schedule at the time in 2010 night shift building the keephills 3 power plant. I drove by 4-5 times in the middle of the night several times during the day and did not see the systematic problems that actually exist. I knew the "east side"was bad But had no idea 1 block could make this much difference. I even thought the mustard seed was a church! Holy ****! Still to this day Jane Molstad lies and claims they are not able to "fix" up their ( mustard seed)property and either they will build or move. After I got in this situation I was not comfortable but decided new building is better then the deplorable shack they conduct a horrible unaccountable business out of.


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                                To everyone expecting the safe injection sites to be scattered around Edmonton instead of where those who can benefit most are located: how long do you think an addict who's already come to terms with using in the open will walk or spend on the bus to get to a safe injection site?
                                Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!