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  • Capilano Library | Planned

    Edmonton continues to maintain it's stellar reputation for openness and change:

    Residents throw the book at proposed Capilano library location


    EDMONTON - A group of Terrace Heights residents is upset with plans to build a library on green space across the street from their homes.
    But Joanne Groot worries the facility will bring noise, traffic and troublemakers into what she says is a peaceful community.

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    I'm siding with the home owners on this one. The location on 101 Ave makes way more sense. It's more visible, it's on a busy road, there's lots of space there, it doesn't require changing a one-way road into two-way, and the reasons for it not there are very, very weak.

    But architects felt there wasn’t enough room for parking close to the entrance and it would be overshadowed by a nearby apartment, Land says.
    Not enough room for parking close to the entrance? Overshadowed by a nearby apartment? Seriously?! Keep in mind that to get to the current location you have to park your car, walk into the mall entrance, go through part of the mall and then ride up an ancient elevator to the second floor. How is "not enough parking near the entrance" a valid reason for moving it onto a residential street?

    The ravine location should let patrons enjoy nature all year, and might allow the treed area to be extended, Land says.
    Excellent. How about building it where the fire station was and extend the treed area there? Win, win.

    The public consultation on this sounds pretty horrible. It's nice that they posted information at the library and on social media, but they didn't target the people in the neighbourhood at all. I'm going to be affected by the 83 Ave bike lane and I've received a number of flyers in my mailbox telling me about public consultations regarding the route. These people should have been shown the same respect.

    I normally really enjoy Gordon Kent's articles, but this one made the home owners sound a bit nutty when they had some very valid concerns.

    Here's a photo of the area, including the proposed location (roughly), and the former location of the firehall:

    They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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      Who knew those residents represented all of Edmonton...
      be offended! figure out why later...


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        It would probably be cheaper to give everyone in the City an IPAD rather than keep buliding libraries (oh, but the homeless might get cold then).


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          Granted, maybe it's not the best location for the library, I don't know. The article may be biased, but I certainly did not get the impression it was for the best of the library that the residents don't want it there. Yes, they sound like a bunch of nuts.

          They should sell the land and put condos up instead. The residents will love that I'm sure.


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            Their issue is that the city had originally targeted a better location (the former fire station site), but then moved it to a residential street without doing any consultation. Moving the location creates issues for them, and they're speaking out about it.

            I don't live anywhere near the location being proposed, and I'm not affected by it, or know anyone who is, I just don't like that we constantly scream "NIMBY!!!" when people may have some very valid points. There is a much better location available to them, and the reasons for not using that location are extremely weak.
            They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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              Another case of living near something that is not currently in use, yet is zoned for other uses - it's all public knowledge and easily available - yes even if you've lived there for 50 years. Would they prefer the farm, campsite, EMS/police station, or carnival instead?


              540 (A) Metropolitan Recreation Zone

              540.1 General Purpose

              The purpose of this Zone is to preserve natural areas and parkland along the river, creeks, ravines and other designated areas for active and passive recreational uses and environment protection in conformance with Plan Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan.

              540.2 Permitted Uses

              Minor Home Based Business
              Public Park
              Fascia On-premises Signs
              Projecting On-premises Signs
              Temporary On-premises Signs

              540.3 Discretionary Uses

              Child Care Services
              Community Recreation Services
              Exhibition and Convention Facilities
              Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries and Market Gardens
              Indoor Participant Recreation Services
              Major Home Based Business
              Minor Impact Utility Services
              Natural Resource Development
              Natural Science Exhibits
              Outdoor Participant Recreation Services
              Protective and Emergency Services
              Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
              Single Detached Dwelling
              Spectator Entertainment Establishments
              Spectator Sports Establishments
              Tourist Campsites
              Freestanding On-premises Signs


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                First, can we change the thread title to "Capilano Library | Planned" so we can follow it?

                Second, I agree they are being NIMBY's, however, it is a rather stupid location. I don't know who owns all the vacant land in the area, but this seems to be the worst location of all available. What's wrong with the big empty patch right on 101 Ave? Or even better, why not across the ravine next to the skatepark? There's already lights at the end of (what I assume is) 98A Ave.

                I'm so confused by the city's location decision.
                "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal


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                  I guess there are two sides to this story. The Journal states that:

                  EDMONTON - A group of Terrace Heights residents is upset with plans to build a library on green space across the street from their homes.


                  Having looked at the map I can see why a handful of people would be ticked off at a building being built were they now look onto a field with trees in the distance. Then again, this handful of people do not constitute a whole neighborhood. They just do not want to loose their view and are trying hard to not be NIMBY's but they are coming across just like that. Things like this happen all the time and most people have to suck it up. There are no guarantees in life.
                  Then you have the argument that it should be built were the old fire hall used to be (it's also a good argument) as it has better access. The architect's reason for it not being built on the old fire hall site are rather weak also.
                  The people opposing it are definitely NIMBY's but they do have a good argument about the old fire hall.
                  Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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                    The old fire hall appears to be a much better site. You don't need to put a facility like this off on a side street where it's out of sight. It should be on 101Ave. These people are right.


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                      I know the location well and access from the east, south and southwest is terrible. Put it 100 meters north and watch the nimbyism disappear. In terms of location, location, location, it fails 3 times.
                      Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


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                        There was one guy who commented in the Journal that if the library does go back to the site where the fire hall is located they might get something worse on the site they are against. If that land is up for sale or development they might wish they had took the library.
                        Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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                          I think the main problem here is that the city lied to residents three years ago when they demolished the fire hall and told them that the whole package was being retained as green space with trees, benches, lighting and pathways added, then failed miserably in their consultation / information process on the library

                          It's easy and lazy to call people NIMBY's without knowing all the facts
                          Over promise and under deliver. It’s the most Edmonton thing you can do.


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                            ^Please provide links so we can look up the facts.
                            Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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                              The City - any City is not unlike a real estate agent. They'll spoon feed you best case scenarios of developments etc

                              But good practice is until it's built, it's not a reality, and you have to go by the worst possible land use on a zoning of something. Kind of like the rub and tugs that keep getting approved in McCauley. Wish we got a library.