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Crestwood infills- what is involved?

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  • Crestwood infills- what is involved?

    Hello! Totally new here and I hope I am posting in the right section...

    I am wondering about building an infill in Crestwood. I know nothing... Does someone have the patience to give me some information? What is involved, what are the costs? I am not looking to build a 3000 sq foot mansion, just a modest two-story, maybe 1500-1900 square feet? Traditional style.

    I grew up in Crestwood and I currently work in the neighborhood and have family there, so I know about the neighborhood, just not about infills.


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    First, decide on the lot you want and buy it. This would obviously have an older house on it.

    Then you have the option of designing a house yourself with the help of a designer, or selecting a builder and have them work on the house plan with you. The house plan will cost you anywhere from 1000-5000. More if you use an architect.
    A builder can build a new home with mid range finishes for 200-230/SF. If you cheap out on the windows, go with vinyl siding, and not so high quality finishes on the inside, you could probably get it for 170-180/SF. On the upper end, it wouldn't be hard to spend 300/SF.

    Add 10K for teardown of the existing house, some utility work, etc.

    I think you'd be looking at 400K for the house alone (no lot) for a mid range, mid sized two storey.


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      The infills I've seen happen in Crestwood / Parkview (I'm in Parkview) have been either building a 2nd floor on the existing structure, tearing out the existing house and building a two storey on the existing foundation, or removing everything and building totally from scratch. Which route you take would, of course, depend on the house you bought, what you did and didn't like about it, any sentimental value there may be in the house, etc... I don't know what the difference in costs would be for the three options, but I do know that it is generally cheaper to tear down and build from scratch.... Not sure if that also applies to foundations though....
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        I would say nobleea is pretty spot on on all costs, deconstruction will probably cost a little more than that if there are any issues (utility issues) . but not by a whole lot. 200-230/sf is exactly what the builder i work closely with charges for mid range.