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Alberta College/Centre High - is there a fit?

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  • Alberta College/Centre High - is there a fit?

    I have been thinking about this for a while, but wouldn't it fit a few stakeholders' best interests if:
    • MacEwan's high school upgrading programs shacked up with EPSB's high school upgrading programs?
    • EPSB's continuing education (Metro) got a signature building?
    • MacEwan's Alberta College music programs shacked up with their fine arts brethren in the new CFAC?
    • Boardwalk Market went more "office upstairs, retail downstairs"?

    I'm not a direct stakeholder, but from a big-picture view from afar, I only see wins.

    Edit - Sorry, I realise that was a bit too extemporaneous. Directly what I am thinking is:
    1. MacEwan's Alberta College music programs move to MacEwan's new arts building.
    2. Centre High and part of Metro Continuing Education move to Alberta College. (Lease payments from EPSB help MacEwan pay for CFAC)
    3. Boardwalk readjusts their tenant mix to something more street friendly.
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    I recently heard Metro is moving to Bonniedoon as the Vimy Ridge Academy is being redeveloped with more ice surfaces for their hockey program and otherwise changing the other programming held at the site.


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      ^ Metro uses several locations around town.
      Let's make Edmonton better.