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Primary IB program in Victoria School

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  • Primary IB program in Victoria School

    I m looking to get some reviews on Primary IB program in Victoria School

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    I did the IB program at Harry Ainlay so if you have questions about the IB program in general, I can answer them.


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      Hi Faraz,
      Did u do it at the primary level too?


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        They didn't have IB at the elementary school level when I was a kid. But I did it in high school and my two cents: IB is a complete waste of time.

        Extra work for something that means absolutely nothing to anyone in Canada after you graduate. And while I'm sure the IB curriculum has changed in the many years since I did it, at the time the standard Alberta curriculum always seemed to have a superior topic-focus priority. Compared to my friends in the regular program, we always seemed to burn time in IB on topics that were not even of value for the next year of school, let alone the real world.

        I suppose it does expose kids to a different knowledge base. But Alberta has a fantastic education curriculum, and I would be hard pressed to remember any area where the IB curriculum was anything other than barely on-par or inferior to Alberta's.
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          IB is for pups whose parents are poindexters and nerds.

          Like Top_Dawg.

          If you ask Top_Dawg his advice is to keep your youngster in the regular stream.

          To enhance his/her education get them involved in cognitive activities outside of school.

          Private music lessons is always a good one.

          So is art.

          Also get involved in their homework and tutor them through things like advanced math problems, reading comprehension, second language, and so on.

          Sports / athletics is also a good way to enhance their education along with any of the above.

          As far as IB, halocore pretty much sums it up.
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            The advantages of IB were:

            1. being with like minded people which encourages the student to compete
            2. a heavy work load which prepares them for a similar workload in university
            3. exposure to some very unique and exploratory topics such as philosophy, ability to choose world history, etc.

            Disadvantages were:

            1. heavy workload discourages participation in sports and other extra curricular activities
            2. easier to get higher marks in non-IB streams because of lighter workloads. These higher marks translates into more scholarships (scholarships do not discern between IB and non-IB marks which is not fair but it's reality)
            3. burnout by the time the student reaches university

            IB is only offered in high schools (or so was the case for me).
            I took full IB in grade 10 and 11 but only partial IB in grade 12 in subjects I was interested in studying more such as History, Math, and Physics.


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              I do realize this is quite late, however I still felt the need to respond. I am currently a grade 11 IB student. I attended Victoria School from kindergarten to grade 10 before switching schools due to Vic's lack of commitment towards IB. The primary years and middle years programmes did open me up to different ways of thinking, as well as a wide array of world views, however, Vic has gone downhill in the last couple of years. Their IB diploma programme is going to be taken down next year, and it is very likely all IB programmes at Vic will be eradicated soon due to them not meeting IB standards. Furthermore, under the current principal, the majority of funding is going towards drama productions. The visual arts program is getting virtually no funding whatsoever (exhibit A being how my art class had to do watercolour painting on paper meant for protecting the tables, because "they did not have the money for watercolour paper". However, they did have the money to make rain appear from the ceiling in the theatre, and to create a small pool for a three day play. This play literally cost THOUSANDS of dollars to produce. I think the IB programme is very valuable, just not at Vic. Based on experience, I would not recommend this school. However it is your decision, and you should check out everything they offer before deciding. Good luck.