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new in edmonton.. which schools???

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  • Ustauk
    Highlands Juniour High School in the Highlands neighbourhood had a sign outside the school saying they welcomed artistic students. Their programs page indicates they have art,drama,dance/yoga, and film studies classes, which seems to support this.

    The website for Mount Royal elementary school references they have supplementary arts programming and reference arts in their core curriculum.

    In addition to this, the area along the eastern part of 118th avenue, which includes Highlands, is a revitalizing, mature area of the city. Many new families are moving into the area, and housing prices of well-built, though older homes are among the more reasonable in Edmonton. It'd probably be one of the better areas for a new comer to move into in the city.

    Good luck wherever you decide to go!

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  • susan
    new in edmonton.. which schools?

    thanks for the replies!
    I guess I want to state that Im looking for a school without pressure or more
    art focused and not competetive academically. Especially an elementary school like that. My daughter will be going in to 5th grade.
    Has anyone heard of Lymburn school next to Callingwood?

    are there any english tutors by the way?

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  • FamilyMan
    There is also Suzuki Charter School, only K-6, so more suitable for your younger daughter (

    In Forest Height, the elementary school has bilingual German program.

    Depending on your views, Fraser Institute has rankings for both elementary and high schools:


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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Ages 10 and 14 are grades 5 and 9, or so.

    Schools in your area will all be fairly full of students who bus over from new neighbourhoods a little further south and west. More of the specialized schools, like arts schools, are more central where schools have intentionally adopted special programs to attract students from farther away.

    Depending on your children's first language there may be a school that teaches that language as an immersion program. Most of the students would be primarily English speakers, but would be able to communicate in your first language as well as your children do in English. French programs are most common, but there are also Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Ukrainian programs, at the very least. There may be others that I'm not aware of.

    Mount Royal and Virginia Park Schools in the near North east are "arts core" elementary schools, but I don't recommend travelling so far for school. There are lots of schools with significant immigrant populations- so your children wouldn't be the sole outsiders in an otherwise monoculture school no matter where you send them, and keep in mind that they will learn far faster than you will. Odds are they will be speaking fluent, unaccented english within a year or two, especially the 10 year old.

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  • JayBee
    Elementary? Junior high? High school?

    We only have one truly art-focused school, Victoria, but I don't think it's laid-back at all. It is probably in the top three most competitive schools in the City.

    We also only have one truly academic focused school, Old Scona, which is definitely the most competitive to enter.

    My list of competitive high schools would be something like:
    1. Old Scona (academic)
    2. Harry Ainlay
    3. Victoria (arts)
    4. Ross Sheppard
    5. Strathcona Composite

    After which I don't know how exactly I'd rank the schools, but perhaps something like:
    • J. Percy Page
    • Jasper Place
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • M.E. Lazerte
    • Lillian Osborne
    • McNally
    • Wagner
    • Eastglen

    But we also have a "Catholic School System" which has several high schools I know little about.

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  • susan
    started a topic new in edmonton.. which schools???

    new in edmonton.. which schools???

    Hi were new in edmonton and are looking for schools for our girls age 14 and 10.
    We live in the callingwood area. Though because my daughters dont speak english so well Im looking for a non academic, competetive school- rather one that is laid back and more art focused.
    Is there something like this?