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Top locations to connect with Edmonton's music scene?

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  • Top locations to connect with Edmonton's music scene?

    Hi everyone,

    Nice to meet you all! My name is Yannick and I'm a 27 year old musician, music producer and composer. I currently live in Belgium, but I'm about to explore new horizons. I fell in love with Edmonton via a Canadian friend and now I'm considering relocating to it. Therefore I have planned a two month trip from half september to half november to check things out!

    Although I'm very much looking forward to this adventure, it's kinda scary too, since I don't know anyone, besides my one friend, who is not into the music scene at all. Therefore I was hoping to get your opinions on where I should start to connect with people (professionals and non-professionals) in the cultural / music - scene, apart from this forum.

    What are the best locations to meet new people? Bars? Events? Jams?

    Anyone that wants to know about me or who wants to meet up....your most welcome to contact me. I'm a friendly dude, armed with a bunch of guitar licks!

    On the 15th of september: there's a new kid in town!

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    Welcome to Edmonton Yannick!

    Please come prepared for snow and cold in the later half of your visit.

    I am not overly familiar with Edmonton's music scene, suffice to say the venues for music are concentrated in:

    Downtown/Jasper Avenue
    Oliver / 124 Street
    Old Strathcona and Garneau / Whyte Avenue and 109 Street

    What genre are you into?

    Edmonton is blessed to have a symphony orchestra, military band, television production facilities, and a host of under utilized large venues.

    Here is one artist's view of Edmonton:


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      Hi Yannick, here's a thread on live music venues in Edmonton.

      I also run an internet radio station called Edmontunes that has about 140 artists on it, all local and original. Go to to check it out.


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        Hi David,

        Thanks for your warm welcome and response!

        I will definitely pack some warm socks! Last time I visited, temperatures went down to about -40 degrees celsius. Quite chilly...

        I like many genres of music. I try not to limit myself to one specific genre as I think there's good (and bad) stuff in all genres. But for the most part I'm into rocky guitars going from Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd to Queens Of The Stone Age and Royal Blood. I also like electronic flavors like synths and loops within the rock genre (guess it has to do with my European background ). I like to play groovy/funky music as well like Chic or Earth Wind & Fire.

        As a composer I fell in love with film music. I have written music for big bands, large symphony orchestras and choirs. So meeting up with television / film - production people is definitely on my list!

        Thanks for the tips about the venue locations! I'm looking very much forward to this!


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          Hi Lat,

          Thanks for the link!

          I already heard about Edmontunes! Very cool initiative! It's very nice to see someone being supportive towards local talent!

          I could post a link to my website if you want to hear some of my stuff, but I don't know if it is against forum rules to do so...

          Keep up the good work!


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            Cool! Glad to hear word is getting out about Edmontunes... From whom did you hear about it? Personally, I would love to hear your stuff...


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              Hi Lat,

              I think I've heard about Edmontunes through internet search about the local music scene in Edmonton.

              I will definitely help spread the word about you. This is the kind of stuff that people should know. It's how they can discover awesome talents that live right down the street!


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                Welcome! Edmonton has a great music scene. The Edmonton Music Awards have been running 5 years now. Names Komrade - I am a Hip Hop artist and Music Promoter here in Edmonton. Born and raised.

       is the outdated website lol. Let me know if you want to rock when you get to town. We can set a gig up!


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                  Hi Komrade,

                  Nice to meet you! Just checked out your music. Great stuff! I'd love to groove along over those beats

                  I definitely want to rock when I'm in Edmonton! That would be awesome! Is it ok if I get in touch with you when I'm there?

                  Thanks a lot!


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                    Hey Yannick, Welcome! I help organize a local multi-venue music festival here in Edmonton that takes place Oct 9-11, 2015. You can apply to volunteer, and meet like minded music lovers and musicians! You will get a wristband that gets you into any of the shows over the 3 days!
                    "Its not where you go, but how you get there"


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                      Hi Nzuk,

                      Thanks for the hint! I'd be happy to volunteer!

                      Any idea what I'd have to do? Like, what are the tasks, volunteers need to perform?