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How big is your collection of local music?

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  • How big is your collection of local music?

    I've never considered myself a promoter of local arts, or any arts for that matter. But I realized today I have a significant number of discs from local bands that have had varying levels of commercial success. Some went on to have records produced by large US producers, some not.

    Here's mine, Whats yours? CD/Vinyl/tape, doesn't matter

    The Smalls self titled
    The Smalls to each a zone
    The Smalls waste and tragedy
    The Smalls my dear little angel
    Corb Lund Band unforgiving mistress
    Corb Lund Band modern pain
    Corb Lund Band five dollar bill
    Corb Lund Band hair in my eyes like a highland steer
    Ten Second Epic count yourslef in (I went to school with these guys)
    Procol Harum the best of (The only reason I bought it was because of the song conquisador which was recorded with the ESO at the Jub in 1972. I think it counts)

    My father has two of these so I consider one of them mine:

    Procol Harum live with the Edmonton symphony orchastra (vinyl) again, not a local band but I think it counts. Also it has a pretty cool cover.

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    the smalls (RIP) albums: to each a zone, My dear little angle, self titled
    King Lettus (RIP) - standby

    In fact, I had the privilege of playing in a band with the bass player from King Lettus in Vancouver


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      Got some "the smalls" from years back, and a lot of SNFU....


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        Whitey Houston
        “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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          I have a few LP's from the late 70's / early 80's
          One Horse Blue - Self Titled
          One Horse Blue - Bite The Bullet (excellent record, great country rock)
          Jensen Interceptor - Self Titled
          Subtle Hints - Self Titled

          I also have a record by a Winnipeg Band called Scrubbaloe Caine that has a great song called "Edmonton Rain".


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            Ralph, you must be an aging hipster to own One Horse Blue albums. I've got their self-titled album, but it's from a garage sale. And Jensen Interceptor? Cool. I've met Doug Jensen and he's a phenomenal guitarist.

            Lindsey, my dad and I went to the Procol Harum/ESO reunion concert in '92. It was very cool.

            Edmonton is bursting with amazing, talented musicians. Here are just a few local artists I have CDs from:

            Old Reliable
            Shuyler Jansen
            Darrek Anderson and the Guaranteed
            Ann Vriend
            Melissa Majeau and the Muse
            Trevor Tchir
            The MayKings
            AA Sound System
            Michael Joseph
            The Middle Drift
            Corb Lund
            Five O'Clock Charlie
            Bill Bourne
            Karla Anderson
            AUDio SQUADron
            The Uncas
            John Guliak
            The Swiftys
            John Woroschuk
            Pal Joey
            Feeding Like Butterflies
            Allwoman Brothers Band
            Slow Fresh Oil

            That's just off the top of my head.


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              Aging Hipster???
              On another thread Sonic Death Monkey just called me old.
              This is depressing, I think I will go home and have a Metamucil/Geritol cocktail before my nap.


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                I have a bit of folky / jazz / and classical stuff that's local. I'd say about 5% of the CD's I have are local. Sorry, can't name names' off the top of my head, I can never remember song names, performers, or lyrics. Don't know why, I'm good with books, bad with music.


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                  Apparently the Procol Harum/ESO recording is now available on CD.

                  I was looking it up and I stunned to find out the original record hit #5 on the US charts. Has another local group ever repeated that kind of commercial success?


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                    Okay, I must be REALLY old (possible) or out of touch (also possible) because with the exception of knowing that Conquistador, the global hit single by Procol Harum (1982,) was recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) nothing else is registering with me.


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                      Originally posted by djgirl
                      Okay, I must be REALLY old (possible) or out of touch (also possible) because with the exception of knowing that Conquistador, the global hit single by Procol Harum (1982,) was recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) nothing else is registering with me.
                      Nice try, but it was actually 1971, hope that doesn't make you feel older.... Don't worry though, Murman remembers bieng middle aged, slightly less pessimistic when Glen Miller first came here!


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                        Wikipedia lists it as 1972--The Edmonton Fact Book from Economic Development Edmonton (EDE) the former name of Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC) lists it as 1982. The EDE Fact Book is grossly outdated and considering the source and then doing some more checking and verifying I concede Lindsey that you are correct and thus I stand corrected--1972 it was.

                        EEDC maybe it is time to update and re-check your info.


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                          Recorded Nov. 18th, 1971, released 1972. You're both right now.


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                            BTW, I still don't know any other...

                            I concede also that I am almost as old as dirt but I just checked and I have "Reel-to-Reels" of a lot of local Edmonton bands circa the 70s and 80s courtesy of a "much" older spouse and his wild youth of debauchery. (I on the other hand was in grade school at this time--and for all you born in the 70s, 80s or god forbid the 90s no wisecracks or I'll have to hit you with my walker when I wake up from my nap.wink:

                            When I get a chance I will have to listen to some of the reels. :


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                              I'd be stunned if you havn't unknowingly came across some of those tunes before. Corb Lunds "the truck got stuck" was in very heavy rotation on numerous country stations.

                              Procol Harum did do a 20 year aniversary concert with the ESO....Maybe EDE just averaged the years....