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  • Lupercalia

    This city is interesting… and I love it…

    Is anyone here aware that Edmonton has, from what I've heard in the past, one of North America's largest BDSM and sex festivals? Next year's is Lupercalia MMVII.

    It's a mature and interesting look at sexuality. The Edmonton O Society brings in guest speakers from around the globe who specialise in particular areas of more risqué sensuality, and it has always intrigued me as a good time. It apparently sells out quite fast, often half a year in advance, and attracts an audience from all over the continent!

    Nice to see something like this in a province so often considered the Texas of the north. Check the links if you dare try something new out!

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    Now there is something interesting... I would love to see this on a list of Edmonton's Best Kept Secrets

    A bit too adventurous for me, but I'm sure somebody on this forum is open to some new ideas.
    Time to grow up.


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      Now, where is that whip and banana emoticon when you need it?
      My hope is that you can finally get rid of the anger in your heart, and fill it with peace, compassion, understanding, and a desire to uplift rather than suppress.

      After all, we are all together on this home, this pale blue dot, the "only home we've ever known.”