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I attended NUIT BLANCHE in Edmonton tonight... This is what I saw (Pics & Vids)

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  • I attended NUIT BLANCHE in Edmonton tonight... This is what I saw (Pics & Vids)

    For those of you that were unable to attend, I've compiled all of my best photos & videos of the night. Enjoy!

    Click to view the rest!
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    We really enjoyed last night. It was a very relaxing way to spend a few hours downtown.
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      Nuite Blanche was awesome for the most part. Always great to see the downtown core so alive on a Saturday night.

      The Wish Tree was amazing to see. All that was missing was Yoko Ono herself.

      Also liked "Ouroboros" inside City Hall.

      102 Ave was closed off between 100 St and 101 St for a small but lively market.

      Dancing of the Cranes wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. The cranes moving to some Hendrix/NIN guitar music didn't really do anything for me. And despite the attempt to generate a party-like atmosphere in the City Centre parkade, the OEG could have served some drinks and provided some seating. I left after 15 minutes, and the exits were packed.

      Didn't bother going through the balloon-filled pedway ("Half the Air In A Given Space") because there was a 2 hr lineup and I already did enough lining up at the Comic Expo.

      There was also a lineup for the National Elevator Project inside Tix On The Square

      The Citadel had a 50th anniversary party c/w a live band.

      Sherlock Holmes patio was open, and Rice Howard Way strip was busy.

      Of all the arts venues open tonight, the AGA was closed to the public due to a wedding reception.

      Overall a resounding success! Hope its an annual event.
      “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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        I agree with everything SDM said, the attendance was very good for the first year of this festival. Hopefully it will be bigger and better next year as a night time festival in fall suits Edmonton very well. It looks like this festival might have staying power.
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          I went out to take a look around. There was some very cool stuff and some odd wasteful stuff.

          While the cranes dancing like giant industrial whirling dervishes was cool, the choice of music, though I understand why the choice of industrial / metal, left much to be desired.

          Pity the AGA was being rented out for a private party.
          Did I see Doctor Who's police box somewhere?

          City Hall and Churchill Square were wonderful.

          SO MANY PEOPLE! This should be the normal number of people downtown on a Saturday night. It was wonderful to see so many out.


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            Explored post AGA lecture by Zita Cobb until about 1am, hits and misses, but for a first year definitely a good first attempt. Churchill was incredible as was the balloon pedway, inside City Hall, Rolling soccer field, projection and sound at the WTC etc. Connecting the installations a little more cohesively would be nice as it would for a few more businesses to remain open... although many did, WITH PATIOS!

            Cranes were indeed anticlimactic, but neat either way.

            The best part of the evening was seeing so many people Downtown, including many families and seniors.

            Bravo, let's get more folks involved for 2016!
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              It will be back in Edmonton in 2017. I saw it on the Edmonton NB twitter account and was wondering if it was a typo, but it's confirmed here also

              Don’t expect to see a Nuit Blanche Edmonton 2016. The plan right now is to run every two years, according to Burns, alternating with Nuit Blanche Calgary, which held events in 2012 and 2014. “The art world has this tradition of the biennial; it’s a known, familiar format,” she remarked. Moreover, “as a free, resource-intensive event, it’s more sustainable for our non-profit to [do it in alternate years]. In terms of audience development, we have the opportunity to produce smaller-scale … programming in the off years [to permit us] to connect with audiences and educate and grow our base in and around Edmonton.”


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                Why swap with Calgary every second year?
                This should be an annual event in Edmonton.
                Edmonton first, everything else second.


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                  Originally posted by ThomasH View Post
                  Why swap with Calgary every second year?
                  This should be an annual event in Edmonton.
                  Its harder to get traction in this market with an every other year event. This is festival city with lots of established fests going on which keep established year after year.

                  Does Nuit Blanche alternate in all cities that they have events in. I don't think they do. Or is this just in Alberta that they are alternating. Because theres some message in "Calgary and Edmonton can just alternate" that is potentially unattractive.
                  "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


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                    i agree that this should be an annual event.

                    i also appreciate the difficulty in organizing any "new" venture in edmonton even if - like nuit blanche - it has history elsewhere. the difficulty in getting sponsorship support and government support can at best be described as daunting and it can easily and quickly burn out your volunteer core.

                    unfortunately, the same sponsorship support and government support noted above is sometimes easier to retain for annual events than biannual events although ruth is entirely correct - while many nuit blanche events are annual, it is very common for "arts events" to be held every second year (and they are in fact often referred to as biennials and even in some cases every third year etc. as triennials etc.).

                    while my preference would be an annual nuit blanche, i could also see supporting a biannual nuit blanche with a biennal art fair in the "off years"...
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                      ... on that note, thank you to Qualico and all of the other sponsors of this event.



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                        Really good start, I applaud everyone involved in organizing our first Nuit Blanche. I appreciated how you not only got to interact with interesting art, but the way it was laid out (and the accompanying map) made it an exploration of Downtown and the Quarters.

                        For many it is not very often they get to explore our Downtown with thousands of other people in a comfortable, friendly and fun atmosphere. I hope and am optimistic this is the kind of core we can have in the future.


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                          I thought it was great. Absolutely fantastic to see so many people downtown.


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                            Dance of the Cranes audience - Rogers Place time lapse

                            “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                              How did this event compare to that grey cup party that happened a while back?
                              be offended! figure out why later...