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Whyte Avenue public urination.

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    Originally posted by Gord Lacey View Post
    So you got their badge numbers so you could file a complaint, correct?
    Funny you mention that, because I actually did. The complaint with the Police is up to those kids that got the tickets and there were enough of them. I did call the organizer of the Fringe and she told me that they had received complaints and seen things that they, "were not happy with" as far as Policing around Whyte. There is a meeting with organizers today or tomorrow. I can't remember exactly when she said. The Edmonton Fringe Festival is doing really well so far, but Fringe organizers are are concerned cops are bullying kids an will sour their perception. One of my kids friends was standing by a new car in front of the Rack bar, when some cops walked up and asked them if they were trying to steal it. What kind of a ignorant question is that?


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      Good, I'm glad you got their badges, and hopefully it'll be dealt with. I used to volunteer with EPS, and I hate a great relationship with a number of the officers, but I remember "meeting" a jerk cop who responded to a party I was at, long after the noise had quietened down, and everyone was passed out. He went on a power trip, saying and doing things he shouldn't of said or done. I made note of his badge number and reported him to the S.Sgt the next time I was into the station, and he was talked to about the way he deals with people.
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        Originally posted by Replacement View Post
        Originally posted by Diablo View Post
        Originally posted by Kevin_Foster View Post
        ^ my brother, a while back, used to be on shift as a cop on whyte. He said it's very common to see people urinating in the middle of public on a friday/saturday night - they used to write countless tickets for it. Doorways to restaurants, shops, right on the street...

        The thing is, when you are on whyte at 2:00AM, chances are you're not sober enough to notice it.. I have. It's rank. One of the many reasons why I'm not attracted to Whyte as much as I used to.

        And believe me, the police are doing the best they can. You can only have so many cops on a street at night before it becomes a police state.
        Hey Kevin, I agree that the smell of urine is as unpleasant as it gets. I was at the fringe Saturday night where I saw the beat cops patroling Whyte Ave round up a group of young kids and fine them all $500.00 each for public urination. The interesting thing is not all of them did anything wrong. I was walking behind 2 young guys that were singled out as having urinated. The 2 smug beat cops admitted they only suspected these 2 of peeing, yet 2 $500.00 tickets. Then this cop writes the ticket on a parked Jeeps hood. This big guy comes running down the sidewalk yelling at this cop to stop. I think that cop left some pee in his pants. He apologized and finished it elsewhere. These guys had these tickets prefiled out and where just looking for some names to put on them. I hope your brother was a better officer of the law than these two. I was embarrased for the EPS when I saw that. This all happened just after the sun went down around 10 o'clock. Seems the Police are taking this urination thing from one extreme to another.
        Nice story. ^Fabricated post.^
        I guess anyone can think what they want. 4 of my friends are already retired. 25 years on the job, most now in real estate. We've talked at length about the new young kids that are being recruited. The same respect for the badge isn't there anymore.


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          Will Gerard Depardieu be at the Fringe?

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            Originally posted by The_Cat View Post
            Will Gerard Depardieu be at the Fringe?

            Somehow this humor got overlooked while we're all trying to be very serious on a serious board..

            good one
            "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


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              sounds like downtown toronto...smells like too!!