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Edmonton: Visitors love you! What some people said...

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  • Edmonton: Visitors love you! What some people said...

    I was part of the 2006 Bell City Chase for Edmonton this last Saturday and it was a blast! It was also an opportunity to ask about tourists' experiences and impressions of Edmonton.

    The Bell City Chase is both an urban obstacle course and a treasure hunt. Lasting between 4-6 hours, the Chase is broken down into different tasks that challenge team's wherewithal, as well as their psychological and physical endurance. Edmonton is one of the seven urban cities in Canada. The Bell City Chase has expanded to Australia and there are plans for five other countries. The Children’s Wish Foundation is the recipient charity.

    Edmonton you did yourself fine. You showed off your jewels and class to our visitors. I asked out-of-towners what they thought of Edmonton and below is a sampling:

    “What a friendly city, everyone smiles.” (Your natural charm Edmonton…it shows!)

    “Edmonton has such helpful people!” (Okay that was directed at me after I had done a tourism spiel to a stranger on the street who turned out to be in charge of the Chase for Bell Canada.)

    “The river valley and park areas are so beautiful.” (Yep they sure are.)

    “No bugs, made a big difference in the chase from last year.” (We dodged a bullet on this one, lucky that it was a dry winter!)

    “Hope a Canadian Team goes all the way—Go Oilers Go!” (Oh yeah we are going to the “big game”.)

    “I loved the insert chase point: Art Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Park, the Zoo, the Butterdome, Kingsway Mall, City Hall, Churchill Square, Edmonton Fire Station #5, Via Rail Station…” (All spots presented themselves well, professional but warm and inviting—yeah!)

    *Personal kudos to Station #5 Firefighters especially Tim Vandenbrink, Fire Marshal,—what a great challenge you set up and what a great team you have—I cannot wait until next year!

    “Edmonton is wonderful, very cosmopolitan and easy to navigate.” (Edmonton Transit was helpful and made the experience for chase participants easy.)

    “I was glad that none of the chase points included Whyte Avenue.” (Great image you few idiots are displaying—knock it off already—let us be proud and loud but not destroy!)

    “I love coming to Edmonton, it is one of my favourite cities.” (Good, now how do we go about making it your favourite city?)

    “Edmonton has great restaurants, great shops and great people.” (Don’t stop, we love hearing what people have to say about us. Tell your friends and family!)

    “I’ll definitely be back next year.” (Repeat tourism is what good service brings!)

    “We had great service everywhere, our visit was a great experience and we had a great time. Edmonton truly has it all!” (Yes, Yes, Yes.)