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Where to stay for a weekend in Edmonton

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  • Where to stay for a weekend in Edmonton

    I'm coming to Edmonton next week, arriving late Friday May 5 and departing early Monday May 8. I'm wondering which part of town to stay in. Aside from visiting the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, I have no plans. According to Lonely Planet, downtown is dead on the weekends; does that mean it's not a good place to stay on the weekend? Other suggestions? Also, what is the best way to get to Wetaskiwin? Anything better than renting a car? Thanks for any suggestions. (Btw, the other thread on what to do in Edmonton is terrific!) bb

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    Downtown will be mostly quiet on the weekends but it does have the nicest hotels in town. It will have some nightlife in various spots. Were you to come later in the summer, the farmer's market and various festivals and parades would be happening.

    That said, you will find more street life in the Old Strathcona district across the river.

    As for getting to Wetaskiwin, I can't think of any way of getting there other than by car.
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      Wetaskiwin - Highway 2 South to Highway 13 East - easiest.
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        Yep, Summer downtown is good. Otherwise Whyte Ave has the most streetlife accessible by foot.

        Then there is always "the Mall" if one is on foot. Most hotels have a shuttle, so if you stay on the west end ( or even in the mall itself ) you can quickly get to where you can walk about.

        As to getting to the Museum, you have to Drive or Fly. The Wetaskiwin airport is right next to the Museum, in summer they offer rides in a vintage biplane. So if you can charter a small plane, fly one, or know somebody you're in luck... otherwise drive.


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          bohemianbiker, take Lonely Planet with a grain of salt.
          I travelled to China and made some bad decisions based on what Lonely Planet suggested.

          Talking to Edmonton locals, and on this forum is a great idea! I guarantee you that there are things to do in downtown Edmonton in the evening. You can see a play in the Citadel, or watch a concert in the Winspear. There are many bars to choose from as well. Some of the bars have live entertainment like the Sidetrack Cafe.
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            I ended up getting a place north of the river, but I should be able to walk to Whyte. Looks like a bit of a hike, but I enjoy walking. And if it's too far I'll take a cab. Thanks for all the info! bb


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              Please please please let us know how it turned out, and any raves/rants therein...
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                Make sure you find a good place to take in the Oiler game on Sunday and go to Whyte after.