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Tourism Commercial For Edmonton

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  • Tourism Commercial For Edmonton

    Take this spot's concept and apply Edmonton/Northern Alberta to it. Watching the hockey game last night on Sportsnet, we looked pretty good from the air. Lots of vistas to choose from.

    BTW, this commercial has won over 200 awards worldwide. No reason we can't do our own version here.

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    you this?


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      Yep. Just 1 minute instead of 3 and focused on Edmonton. Great vid. Where has it run? Yeah, I know, it's on YouTube and online, yada, yada, yada but if you want real reach and frequency, traditional media is still the best way (and by a very wide margin).


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        I completely agree on the traditional media comment PJC...and that is why I am a bit alarmed at some of the reliance on social media alone...

        ...I saw versions of this air in the Okanogan this summer...not sure of the penetration or outreach of the campaign...but it has aired on more traditional media sources...
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          I was at the movies on Sat and one of the pre movie commercials was a "Visit Calgary ad" So are we advertising Edmonton in Calgary as well? Does anyone know if that is happening?


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            Well, we're giving Katz $2 million a year to promote the city alongside the arena (with no say on how it's used). Maybe that's taking up our ad budget?
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