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Aviation Museum bidding on 2012 CAPA conference

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  • Aviation Museum bidding on 2012 CAPA conference

    The Alberta Aviation Museum has just submitted its bid to host the:
    2012 Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association Conference
    October 4-5-6, 2012

    This conference brings Aviation Museum delegates and guests from across Canada and when last hosted saw over 150 delegates attend.

    The Alberta Aviation Museum is seeing this as an opportunity to not only display the Aviation Museums achievements but to showcase Edmonton and address topics such as:
    - Changing demographics in our society.
    - Changing perceptions and expectations of individuals, families and extended families with Presenters/Guests from each demographic.
    - How to attract the changing audience.
    - Ideas on new activities and events that are working.
    - Marketing to our changing world.
    a) Guerrilla marketing.
    b) Targeting demographics. (Who are you trying to reach?)
    c) Budgeting for your marketing.
    d) Discounting.
    e) The Tourism marketing, in region, out of region and international.
    f) Education programming and how it affects the changing world of Aviation Museums.
    g) Social Media in a changing Aviation Museum world.
    - Adding value to the community. (services and economic impacts)

    As well as other topics relevant to Aviation Museums across Canada.

    Should we be successful in the bid for the conference we will be looking for guests in a number of demographics to attend and share how they view museums today.

    Thomas Hinderks
    Executive Director
    Alberta Aviation Museum
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