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  • It just follows a 16 year epic saga of COE administration pipe dreams and misrepresentations of the costs and benefits of their half baked TOD plans.

    This whole project including land acquisition, redevelopment, land sales, tax revenue generation, other than the Fort Road widening, was going to have a net cost of $345,000 by now.

    I would believe that they are about $20,000,000 in the hole so far and counting.
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    • I'm nearby and have seen workers for days now working on "things"... I walked to the back of the property and even saw a crate being craned into one of the dwellings. Anyone have any clue ?


      • Maybe you should call the police. Probably thieves stealing the copper wiring and plumbing....
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        • So sad to see any effort to improve the neighbourhood to be ruined by jerks like these.
          "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


          • Hopefully they are completing the units and eventually finish the project.

            The whole TOD has been one letdown after another for more than a dozen years
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            • Unfortunately, it is not the most desirable area, but I hope TOD moves ahead there. It has or seems to be moving ahead in other areas - Century Park, some parts of downtown, Strathearn, Stony Plain Road and possibly Bonnie Doon.


              • I think city got a bad deal with the developer, felt sorry that taxpayers are on the hook for the screw-up.
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                • The COE screwed up the entire TOD development

                  This was the original cost and revenue budget that the administration proposed in 2002, yes 18 years ago. The City Council were sold a pie-in-the-sky transit oriented development that envisioned people sipping lattes on the curb of Fort Road in a Whyte Avenue North 2.0.

                  Nov of 2002 in the Fort Road Old Town Master Plan
                  which was part of the Belvedere Station Area Redevelopment Plan initiated in 1980 (more than 30 tears ago). The 2002 Fort Road Old Town Master Plan was to be completed within 5 years which puts it over 12 years late and many, many times over the original budget and ZERO revenue.

                  I know that the land acquisition/expropriation costs was well over $6 million alone, not $775,000

                  If you notice that the proposal left out such things as:
                  • a complete replacement of the existing wood, brick & tarpaper drainage system to bring it up to code,
                  • replacement of all overhead electrical infrastructure to underground,
                  • 50% reduction of housing units due to meeting railway setbacks, reduced density and reduced market value,
                  • unbudgeted $7 million sound wall and train barrier
                  This was another Administration classic bait and switch. Sell to Council a small budget project to get the ball rolling and as it gathers speed, ask for more money as the scope creeps, and then repeat the process that once started is past the point of no return that forces the hand of City Council to keep approving the now overblown budget
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                  • Seems to me that it's a false argument to throw the drainage and electrical improvements in as "scope creep". That work would need to have been done at some point regardless of the TOD, so why should it be accounted against it?


                    • When you buy a house for a price, does it come with plumbing and electrical or is that extra.?

                      I went to the 2005? public meetings that were held after the administration already had Council approval for the project based upon the documents I referenced and the prescribed budget. I asked the Senior City Planner in front of everyone about these issues. It went something like this:
                      Me: I am a local business owner in the expropriation zone and I support the TOD plan but we see your plans and budget but does that include upgrading the electrical grid?
                      Planner: It is an industrial area, there is more than enough power.
                      Me: Understood but the lines are not in the right places for the new road plan and does the budget include placing all the utilities underground for a residential development?
                      Planner: No, we have not studied that yet.

                      Me: To another speaker you stated that there was enough sewer capacity. Does that meet the 5 year flood event standard, the 25 year standard or the new 100 year standard.
                      Planner: I am not sure.
                      Me: Do you know what the sewer pipes are made of?
                      Planner: I think cast iron
                      Me; Some are but the mains are made of brick and lines are tar paper and even wood. How can you plan a condo development with wood and tar paper sewer lines?
                      Planner: We will have to look into that.

                      Me: About the planned 1,000 units, some are shown as close as 10 meters from the CN tracks, have you permission from CN to build so close to their line?
                      Planner: We are the City, we don't need their permission
                      Me: Railroads have Federal jurisdiction, the City has to get approval. A lot of things have changed after the Mississauga Train Disaster. Are you not aware that a Habitat for Humanity development by Lilydale Poultry on 127th is being held up by CN even though it is 130 feet from the tracks?
                      Planner: I was not aware of that
                      Me: I don't think that CN will allow you to build a TOD with units so close to their tracks and you will have to decrease the number of units and you probably will need at least a sound barrier line those up the tracks by 50th street.
                      Planner: (no comment)

                      Me: It looks like you got your approval from Council but left off some big parts of the costs and less density which will affect the value to developers and tax base to recover costs. Why did this project get the go ahead without full disclosure of the costs to Council?
                      Planner: This is an ongoing project and we will have to go back to Council once more costs are known
                      Me: Yes, but now Council is committed to the project and land is being expropriated.

                      Remember that I was a supporter of the project and supported my affected business to be expropriated. I support well planned TOD's and saw the financial gain that I would get from the COE getting me a newer building in a better location.

                      What transpired was that due to the huge demand for industrial and commercial business space in NE Edmonton during an economic boom, building & land prices skyrocketed and used buildings could not be found. The COE was forced to do a land swap with my company and paid a majority of the costs for a new building. I cannot legally disclose how much the City paid. This happened with other businesses as well such as Valks Auto.

                      The entire electrical system and drainage was replaced at taxpayer cost including more than a kilometer of 42" precast lines. The amount of units was lowered and a multimillion dollar train barrier was installed to satisfy CN's demands.

                      All of which was unbudgeted

                      It is not a false argument to throw the drainage and electrical improvements in as "scope creep" or whatever you choose to call it.

                      Bait and switch comes to mind
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                      • 2003 original plan


                        Note above ROW along LRT line with condos along tracks . They did not call it as LRT/CNR line The CNR line is 36 meters closer to Station Pointe than the LRT linr

                        Note below reworked plan with sound/train barrier, a roadway along the ROW to increase setback and the very reduced density

                        Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


                        • This all said, it IS actually being finished. There have been workers there everyday. It WILL be done soon my friends... maybe... I think.. I hope...