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Alberta invests in innovation to fuel the future

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  • Alberta invests in innovation to fuel the future

    An initial investment of $27 million will allow Alberta non-profit Amii to develop a new program that supports companies looking to build their in-house AI capacity, incorporate innovative solutions and drive benefits. It also means the Edmonton-based organization can expand its presence and open a new Calgary office. This new investment, along with the federal government’s commitment of $25 million, will accelerate the positive impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the Alberta economy.
    Amii is already home to some of the world’s top talent in AI. Estimates from across the high-tech community suggest this funding will result in about 5,600 new high-paid jobs and roughly $1.5 billion in overall value to Alberta businesses and Amii-affiliated startups.
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      Not a chance I’m letting my house become a cyborg.

      We can’t change things! This is the way we’ve always done them!
      There was no need to change that plaque. We are the City of Champions.


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        a couple of examples of new technology potentially changing traditional industry:
        potentially eliminating tailings ponds by using liquid salt instead of water.
        extracting titanium and zircon from oil sands waste.
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          ^this is what Alberta should be telling the world. Alberta innovation.
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