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H Mart (was Whole Foods Coming to Edmonton)

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  • Well if they can get the College Plaza location ready for the start of this coming University school year I think they will be in good shape.
    LRT is our future, time to push forward.


    • its a target audience/shopper, it doesn't attract non-asian shoppers, there is a large amount of Koreans in Alberta especially far up north, in places like Manning, High Level, Valley view there are many Korean owned motels and restaurants. It will be a must go to place when in the city.

      they have BT21 stuff though *squeals*
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      • Originally posted by Drumbones View Post
        Spent two hours here today. Enjoyed it. It was very busy. Lots of nice scenery though. Had some fried rice in the food hall. Wife bought a bunch of groceries and snacks. Nice place. Sonny Boy enjoyed it too. Thanks H mart for taking over this abandoned spot and making something nice of it. College Plaza next?
        Scenery? Agreed - landscaping looks to be top notch!


        • Finally an update.....

          The College Plaza location now has a big red H-Mart sign above the entrance!