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JUST FOR FUN - New Condo/Office tower

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  • JUST FOR FUN - New Condo/Office tower

    Ok aspiring architects or those who are architects, here is a place where you can send your renderings of projects you dream about, or those you want to submint and let the public "kick the tires".

    So, c'mon, let's see what you got!!!!
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    I have a bunch of better ones that have a more detailed sketch of the building shape I have been working with, but I can't find them. The condo tower shape that I've been perfecting is a a rectangular building with two large convex sides. Each thin wall would be used to place balconies, with the reast would be curtain glass. On the lower floors there would be six suites so each of the corner (4) suites would get a medium sized balcony. As you move up the floor plate is divided into four, then two. Finally the top features triangle like shape floor that each contain a penthouse.

    I was really bored at class one day so I filled in the rest of the sketch with more buildings (note the Enbridge like tower)


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      Looks like the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver