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Why no more sloped parapet walls / raised gable ends ?

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  • Why no more sloped parapet walls / raised gable ends ?

    What’s the problem with them?

    This isn’t something I’m at all knowledgeable about or even very aware of, so I may be wrong but I’m my experience they seem very rare in North America.

    However it seems that in the past the raised parapet gable end walls were a common construction technique (on stone and brick buildings).

    Also I know of a couple old parapet walled buildings in Jasper.

    e. Parapet Ends
    This is a normal gable to gable roof, but with the difference that the roof covering stops at the inside of the gable wall, and the gable wall is built up to about 500mm higher than the roof plane. This method was used in the old days for the typical west coast “Fisherman’s Cottages”. The gables were built up to secure the Blue gum ridge beam and the end parts of the thatch. The top of the parapet was plastered round or tapered to make sure the water runs off the parapet and does not penetrate into the wall. Another good example of parapet walls is the Cape Dutch style gables.”

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