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Hanger 11 makes list of top 10 most endangered historic buildings in Canada

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    Originally posted by champking View Post
    Love Replacements idea of letting us fly our racing drones , rc craft there . Incorporates aviation and there really isn't anywhere else to fly , specially winter time .
    Have you checked out Hangar 14 - the Alberta Aviation Museum for use of the community hall for that?


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      Originally posted by kcantor View Post
      Originally posted by Thomas Hinderks View Post
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      Originally posted by moahunter View Post
      One of only two remaining Second World War hangers in Canada, built in 1942.
      I'm sure the article's been changed since you quoted it. It now says:
      "Built in 1942, Hangar 11 is one of only two remaining Second World War-era hangars built at the former Blatchford Field — later the Edmonton municipal airport — through a partnership with the U.S. Air Force. "
      That implies there may be many more in Canada. Just that we only have two at Blatchford.
      Having read all the research on these buildings a few years ago (and it is on file with the city of edmonton) the hangar pictured (Hangar 11) is the last of it's kind in Canada. The other Hangar refered to is adjacent to it (if it hasn't been demolished already, I haven't driven the area in over 2 years) is also the last of it's kind.

      As all the information was provided to the City of Edmonton it should be easy to confirm through the City of Edmonton archives.

      BTW the CoE should also have the last engineering review as well so all information should be easily attainable

      i think the adjacent one was hangar 8 and it's gone already... while there may have been good reason, i'm not sure why we're so quick to demolish and and so slow to replace. it's really not a demonstration of progress if that's the intent.
      Yes in the modern numbering system it was Hangar 8 ... the first of the brick and steel USAAC hangars. Hangar 11 was the last of the traditional wooden USAAC hangars. Edmonton was the only place you could see the last of an era and the first of the next. (USAAC = United States Army Air Corp predecessor to United States Air Force)

      Thank you for the update Ken, appreciated
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        Am I the only one that wants to see every single part of this entire airport completely wiped from the planet? If this is such a huge deal, take it apart and move it. But where and who will pay? I will not, I am one person that while I enjoy history, I do not see it in an airplane hangar, I see it in the planes and in the people that were there, such as my Grandfather, but I have zero emotional attachment to wood, concrete and steel. Why do people have such a hard time letting go of the past, are they afraid of the future? My beef with the airport is that it held back Edmonton from being the great city it could have been and it seems like we are always a day late and a dollar short from being better. I have seen so many properties on the historic list that are just awful, decrepit, run down old husks that can never be restored to glory, but yet we are stuck with multiple eyesores for ever. I don't know, I guess there is no great solution.