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    Interesting article here. I wonder if any kit homes were built in Edmonton.

    A kit house from 1922 is preserved in the past

    “Thirty-to-forty thousand pieces came. Lumber was numbered, cut to size and stacked so it could be unpacked in the order needed. Windows, roof shingles, nails, screws, floorboards, trim, sheet rock, plaster sheets, paint, doorframes, roof, light fixtures, medicine chest, china cabinet. Everything,” Bannier said. “It was intelligently assembled. Imagine a giant Ikea kit but better organized.”

    The lumber fit together, and the house would be stable. “There was no cutting on site and therefore no human error in measurements, which is why these houses last so long,” Bannier added. “Each had the perfect dimensions with accurately sized pieces. It was all incredibly precise.”

    "The Edmonton".

    Mail-order Houses

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    If you google "kit homes alberta" you will at once find a whole slew of suppliers.

    It's not as though those things ever went away.