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Nicest Houses in Edmonton and area

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    I've always been quite fond of Westbrook Drive. Golf course on one side, ravine on the other, nice mixture of modern and quaint homes from different eras on oversized lots.


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      former residence of the japanese consul-general before they moved to calgary in 2005,,0,7.99


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        Originally posted by Blueline View Post
        This was built by Xxx Xxxxxx (I do know but will not reveal)
        I believe that he has since sold this and lives elsewhere now
        think petroleum. and yes its sold.


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          Originally posted by Montrosian View Post
          The Bruce Saville house on Westbrook dr by the derrick golf and country club is very nice as well.

          Well, at least they left a legacy of a hugely taxable assets for the City. Assuming the Smyths have left the city/province.cojntry, I wonder how many more millions went with them - to eventually spend in retirement etc in the US. Just how it is for Alberta. Make the money here then spent much of it elsewhere.

          I wouldn’t consider either of these houses as nice per the thread topic but assume a lot of people, for whatever reason (maybe status effect) would.

          Former Oiler Ryan Smyth's Edmonton home on the market for $7.75M

          Listing photos suggest Smyth and his family have already moved out

          CBC News · Posted: Jan 25, 2019 3:55 PM MT | Last Updated: January 25

          “Former Oilers owner Bruce Saville's home is also up for sale. (”

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