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Build on the MacDonald Hotel Park?

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    Originally posted by abaka View Post
    Yes, the Fed building has some minimal art-deco embellishments. Very minimal ones. The old Mac extension did not have those. And the materials differ a bit.

    But otherwise they felt the same. Massive, overpowering, and in very poor scale.

    Don't let your sentimentality about the Fed surviving with a historical designation while the old Mac addition has been gone for 25 years blind you to their essential similarities.

    I know you many of you guys don't even remember what the SE corner of Jasper and 100 was like in the old days, but just look at the two photos I posted.
    abaka, the Federal Building was supposed to be massive and overwhelming governments like that style! Makes them feel "all powerful" a hotel should have some exterior charm (except in Soviet Russia LOL)

    The old Mac addition from the 50's is virtually the same style as The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal and since they were both built originally by CNHotels , obviously must have had the same firm design them.

    Ugly hotel addition in Edmonton thankfully gone. Montreal still has the QE, I got to stay in it for a week in October. Huge and Not the prettiest place on the streets of Montreal.......Has all the exterior charm of a huge Revenue Canada Block or such.


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      ^well, the Russian parliament is actually shockingly similar to our Federal Building, but Revenue Canada is off.

      PS. I know this belongs in another ongoing thread, but look at the public art in front of Revenue Canada and at the slightly different art in front of the Duma.


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        I was using Revenue Canada just as an example of government departments we all love to hate. I actually had no idea what it's building actually looked like.....And for the record I like it.

        Now as for the Russian Parliament that's scary......Either the USSR ran the Dominion of Canada once or the Dominion Government at some time controlled Moscow......

        But I still say the "late" addition to the Mac ïs no great loss.


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          Stantec just sent out letters asking people for feedback on building on this site again. No longer Procura, now it's Great Gulf, hoping for a 55 story tower. I think good chance it'll kill the view of the Hotel Mac, our premier visual building downtown.


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            Thread here as well:




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              < Thanks!