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The Bow - Calgary's new signature building

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  • Originally posted by DanC View Post
    Concave side great, convex side not great.
    That's why I never really think great things about it.

    When you do look at that Plaza facing side though. Yea, is pretty awesome.

    From the north however, its scale is off.



    • Originally posted by Bill View Post
      After all the layoffs in the oil patch, are there still any tenants left in the Bow?
      Cenvous shares with Encana, Cenovus is currently scattered among a number of buildings. They are going to be moving out into Brookfield so they can bring everyone into one building (or at least, everyone they still have). But yeah, lots of "ghost" towers in Calgary now, but the A-Spec to buildings tend to stay reasonably full, they can always lower their rates and offer relocation incentives to attract tenants. It's the lower tier that struggle when the top building lease prices start dropping.

      On the security issue, the problem is, the only way you could allow the public in would be to have a public viewing area - i.e. a separate elevator, as businesses like that security at the base. There is no real incentive for a developer to do that, you are giving up valuable real estate. For example, in the Bow, that top atrium is filled with meeting rooms and lunch space for tennants (and trees and stuff, its pretty cool). I'm not sure if Stantec will be different though, as its mixed use, unlike the Bow.
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      • Originally posted by Sonic Death Monkey View Post
        Originally posted by Spill View Post
        I don't think this building has quite the respect it deserves from c2e. We should be so lucky to have it.
        This is in Calgary, not in Edmonton, so why should we be lucky??
        Originally posted by sundance View Post
        Yup we are so lucky to have it... oh wait WE don't have it Calgary does. Perhaps we should be so lucky to have the Burj Khalifa or the Eiffel Tower too.
        Apparently "should be so lucky" has become a misunderstood idiom. Or maybe the humour and/or sarcasm has gone straight over my head ... to recklessly use another idiom ...

        Phrase: (one) should be so lucky!
        1.(informal, sarcastic) It is highly doubtful: indicating that something is not likely to happen. A pay increase? You should be so lucky!

        So, yes, we should be so lucky to have one of a significant number of magnificent buildings that exist in other cities. I would be thrilled if The Bow were here.