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Dear Edmonton - Townhouses and TH podiums please

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  • Is it unsold? I can't tell if it's the developer selling or an investor who for whatever reason left it vacant.
    There can only be one.


    • I would say it would be helpful if they reduced the 4.5m required setback when putting homes on a corner lot that faces the abutting road. Corner lots would be great for townhomes. One could put 3 townhomes up on them but the 15foot set back off the side lot line makes it hard to fit anything in on a 45-55' wide (deep in the this case) lot.!8i6656
      Good example, if not trendy and modern. But it's a 60'+ wide lot, so accommodating the 15' setback isn't as hard as doing the same on a 50' wide lot.

      They somehow managed to throw that setback out the window on this one:!8i6656
      Which is absolutely hideous BTW, but this does fit 4 townhomes on one 42' wide lot.

      Those are both RF3 lots.

      Getting a brand new semi detached for 450K is pretty standard in places like Bonnie Doon, Forest Heights, etc Maybe that's not urban-y enough.


      • It's listed with the same real estate agent that it was listed with back in July when I went to look at it & the June Street View image of the outside still has the sign featuring the same heavily-processed wide-angle shots that are used on the listing. Dunno if he's been pushing it longer than that or if this is round 1 or round 2 for sales.
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        • Originally posted by Marcel Petrin View Post
          Originally posted by DanC
          How did the units at Symphony sell or the rentals at Hendrix. Those are about the only two examples I can think of.

          Not sure about at Hendrix, but a couple years ago when Symphony was just getting going construction wise, they'd sold 80% of the suites in the building but basically none of the townhouses. Those townhouses were pretty big, though, with some close to 2,000ft I believe. But they were also extremely pricey, if memory serves most of them were in or around the million dollar mark. And frankly, that is a horrible location for at-grade living given it's proximity to 97th avenue, at the bottom of 106 street, etc etc. Never been a fan of that location. But in any case, from what I saw, the townhouses were pretty much the last to sell there.
          That's kind of what I figured.
          We know a couple with a toddler that live in a 3 story townhouse in Oliver and really enjoy it. They are very committed to the community and urban lifestyle however.
          I guess, I would expect that there are 20 of those couples every year out there, but knowing only one personally, I might be tricking myself and that market really just isn't there.