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    Meanwhile Air Canada overcharges you for every trip. Maybe it is better to take a risk with a low cost carrier rather than paying exorbitant prices every time.
    The lawsuit, approved to proceed as a class action Monday, argues the country’s largest airline “illegally overcharged its customers” by more than 200 per cent — and more than the fuel cost itself — on some flights.
    Our airline duopoly is a serious drain on the Canadian economy making travel within the our borders more expensive than flying out of the country. The damage to the tourist industry alone must be staggering.
    “Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity,”-Marshall McLuhan


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      “Swoop earlier this month announced revised launch date to San Diego, as the airline schedules 2 weekly Edmonton – San Diego service, from 08MAY20. Service will increase to 3 weekly from 16JUN20, on board Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

      WO730 YEG0800 – 1028SAN 7S8 257
      WO731 SAN1115 – 1543YEG 7S8 257

      Day 2 operates from 16JUN20.”


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        “ Swoop in summer 2020 season plans to expand domestic network, including new routes launch from Edmonton, Hamilton and Winnipeg. Planned service as follows.

        Edmonton – Kamloops eff 30APR20 2 weekly (3 weekly from 01JUN20, 4 weekly from 17JUN20)
        WO279 YEG1610 – 1621YKA 7S8 x256
        WO268 YKA1710 – 1920YEG 7S8 x256

        Frequency Increase:
        Edmonton – Abbotsford eff 26APR20 Increase from 16 to 24 weekly