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YEG Passenger Numbers for 2016

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    Numbers should stabilize more for Nov and Dec as sun flights have now all restarted for the most part with a few more slated to start in December.


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      Edmonton International Airport
      Passenger Statistics for November 2016

      § Terminal Traffic: 541,048 passengers (6,435,883 Year-to-date)
      Q Domestic 421,246 passengers (5,176,392 Year-to-date)
      Q Transborder 78,400 passengers (836,880 Year-to-date)
      Q International 41,402 passengers (422,611 Year-to-date)

      § FBO Traffic*: 34,860 passengers (470,672 Year-to-date)

      § Grand Total: Overall 575,908 passengers (6,906,555 Year-to-date)

      § Terminal: -1.8% (-3.3%Year-to-date)
      Q Domestic 3.9% (2.3% Year-to-date)
      Q Transborder -21.0% (-25.8% Year-to-date)
      Q International -10.3% (-10.0% Year-to-date)

      § FBO Traffic: -25.7% (-29.1% Year-to-date)

      § Grand Total: Overall -3.7% (-5.6% Year-to-date)

      *FBO passengers are passengers using the fixed base operators at YEG and not the main terminal. Most of this traffic serves energy and mining projects in the north.


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        Originally posted by AAAAE View Post
        Looks like domestic is not fully absorbing the lost transborder capacity.
        Could be because it doesn't include people driving to Calgary for Transborder. I would guess that number has jumped significantly.
        Let's make Edmonton better.


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          Edmonton International Airport

          Passenger Statistics for December 2016 --


          § Terminal Traffic: 591,035 passengers (7,026,918 Year-total)
          Q Domestic 459,720 passengers (5,636,112 Year total)
          Q Transborder 79,794 passengers (916,674 Year total)
          Q International 51,521 passengers (474,132 Year total)

          § FBO Traffic*: 26,274 passengers (496,946 Year total)

          § Grand Total: Overall 617,309 passengers (7,523,864 Year total)


          § Terminal: -5.5% (-3.5% Year total)
          Q Domestic -2.0% (2.0% Year total)
          Q Transborder -20.2% (-25.4% Year total)
          Q International -8.2% (-9.8% Year total)

          § FBO Traffic: -28.5% (-29.0% Year total)

          § Grand Total: Overall -6.7% (-5.7% Year total)


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            Edmonton International Airport passenger count drops for a second year

            EIA, which saw the number of passengers go down by 2.4 per cent in 2015 following a record year in 2014, said cargo volumes rose for the seventh year in a row, led by flights to such international destinations as Shanghai and Amsterdam.
            Here’s a snapshot of EIA in 2016, by the numbers:
            7,523,864: Total number of passengers.
            5,636,112: Domestic passengers.
            2: Percentage increase in domestic travel.
            916,674: Passengers to and from the United States.
            -25.4: Percentage drop in American travel.
            474,132: International passengers.
            -9.8: Percentage drop in international travel.
            496,946: General charter and business aviation passengers.
            -29: Percentage drop in charter and business aviation travel.
            8.2 million: Record number of total passengers set in 2014.



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              Originally posted by OffWhyte View Post
              Unfortunately these numbers reveal YEG's vulnerability in the current market. Other major Canadian airports are recording small or in some cases significant gains. Even YYC is holding up better thus far in 2016 despite Calgary being harder hit in other ways. Presumably this reflects YYC's status as a hub for both WS and AC.
              I believe Edmontonians flying to the US or internationally via Calgary would be counted as domestic flights for us. If there was previously a flight to the US from Edmonton that didn't stop in Calgary that does exist not now, then this would be a gain for them and a loss for us. I don't think a lot of people are driving to Calgary airport from here, but there could be some in central Alberta who switch between cities depending on flight schedules and convenience.

              I think there was also a lot of US traffic from Fort McMurray and elsewhere in northern Alberta through Edmonton when the economy was better. I can see the combination of a low dollar and a weak Alberta economy hammering US winter get aways.


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                Are the airlines responding to a decreased demand, or have the numbers decreased because airlines reduced service. United dropping Chicago and San Francisco service, and reducing Denver service is a huge disappointment and, obviously, if there are 25% fewer seats into the US, there's going to be 25% fewer passengers. American cut DFW and LAX and made PHX seasonal too. Yet, whenever I'm on a flight into the US, it seems full...


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                  ^ that's the huge portion. There is clearly no way that actual travel to the U.S. declined 25% or whatever. It's because United axed Newark, San Francisco, and Chicago, and AA cut Dallas, while at exactly the same moment Air Canada increased service to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and very likely a lot more people just elected to drive through Calgary.

                  People are still going to go where they're going to go. Actual demand is lower, but not that much lower.
                  Let's make Edmonton better.