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VIA Rail Service in Alberta

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    IF... that's a big IF... and if they do allow it, they won't prioritize it over freight.
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      Considering the rail lines are swamped with cars carrying oil and grain it may be a tough sell.


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        Especially when there is massive backlogs for cargo services. Via didn't have the ridership nor is it ingrained in us to use that, so I think it would be a waste of time trying to repeat history. With cheap airfare at our disposal, I can't see rail gaining any momentum. Red Arrow could step in for major routes in Alberta. As per the milk runs, nobody uses that, and no company will run an empty bus or train.

        A quick idea off my head is that all the communities that has sparing clienteles in the former milk route combine together to buy a small bus that can transport their community to a half way point of a route where Red Arrow can do a 5 minute stop to load them up. If our city is responsible for transportation for our community, these smaller towns must do their part for their residents. Think of Swoop air funneling people to Calgary for WS.
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          With single track running and long lumbering freights, any passenger service which, as a given, needs fast point to point service is never going to happen.

          I've ridden the glacially-slow Canadian to Vancouver. Between the 22-hour schedule and the clunky, tired rolling stock, which VIA has the sheer gall to trumpet as a 'Silver and Blue' luxury service, I'd rather lose my right nut than step on that joke of a train again.
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            I'm amazed at how much rail sits in the UK. Granted, distances are closer than here. However, we still have 2 large cities and one smaller in a corridor that could support rail service. I have been surprised for years that nothing more than lip service has been noted for such a great potential.
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