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2020 Edmonton Airshow and rebranding.

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  • 2020 Edmonton Airshow and rebranding.

    Hello all,

    For information on 2019, please email [email protected].

    I recently returned from the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) convention in Vegas to promote the Edmonton Airshow and the Edmonton area as a place to invest. I was pleased that the 700 Wing RCAFA and others decided it was worthwhile to join. I was also able to secure time with the FAA, Transport Canada, and others to lay the groundwork for further rule changes to allow National Championship Air Racing to officially be sanctioned in Canada with our Joint Venture with the Reno Air Racing Association.

    Furthermore, I also was able to enter into conversations with the Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems, and others for bringing a trade delegation to Edmonton for future investment in Alberta's growing Aerospace, AI, and Autonomous Systems sectors. This aligns directly to the overall goal to use this event as a catalyst for investment and economic diversification of the local economy with STEM and Trades related careers and leverages the recently resigned Nevada/Alberta Joint Venture in future technologies.

    While there are still concerns about 2019 as we navigate a rather complex insurance claim, we were able to get interest and secure commitments for acts to come here in 2020. There are also a couple of unannounced acts that we were shortlisted for, and one act that we will (as of this note) be the only Canadian site to host.
    • The Snowbirds, the CF-18 Demo Team, and the A-10C Thunderbolt II demonstration team were happy to be able to return and will be back in 2020.
    • With the exception of Kent Peitch and the Jelly Belly plane, the civilian acts will return as we honour our contracts to them from 2019. Kent was double booked, so we will bring him in 2021.
      • Vampire Airshows
      • Yellow Thunder
      • JacquieB Airshows
      • Mrazek Airshows
      • John Sessions C-47
      • Precision Exotics
    • New additions for 2020
      • Geoff Latter Airshows (new Yak 50)
      • Acemaker Airshows (TBD dual T-33 act)
      • Brent Handy (TBD dual Pitts act)
    • RENO Air Racing
      • Unlimited series race featuring 2 RARA veterans including 2019 winner Dennis Saunders in Dreadnought
      • Sport Class Medallion trials
      • Harvard/T6 drag racing (TBD)
      • STOL competition/drags (TBD)
    • 3rd Battalion (Edmonton Garrison)
      • PPCLI jump (TBD)

    As for the exclusive treat, we have arranged 3 of the best national army parachute teams to do a Canadian exclusive performance. The US Army Golden Knights, the Canadian Army Skyhawks, and the British Army Red Devils will look to expand on their joint training to provide and only-in-Edmonton experience. While they are collaborating, they also have a huge competitive streak, so we may take advantage of that. Hint Hint. Final confirmation from all teams is due in early January.

    We are also awaiting confirmation of many USN, USMC,USAF, RCAF, and even RAF static aircraft depending on deployments. For example, last year our P8 had to withdraw as tensions in Iran escalated. Tentatively on the list are:
    • C5M
    • KC-10
    • P8
    • C-17
    • Prowler/Predator
    • fighters (I have to keep some secrets)
    We are also working on the Trade and Economic Development expo - tentatively called the Alberta Aerospace, Technology, and Trades Expo. More on that soon.

    There is also a chance for a twilight show on Friday, and I am working with Transport Canada and the City of Edmonton on various flyovers of the city leading up to the event.

    Finally, I am working on promoting 4-5 shows in Western Canada to bring assets from Eastern Canada/US in 2021 and arranging some of our friends to go east. This way, we can see new acts that normally do not come this way and give them an economic reason to venture this far.

    This little idea has morphed into one of the largest major-market shows in the country, with international respect and recognition. I have left some acts out of the announcement as we are actually oversubscribed with talent begging to come here.

    More soon...
    My hope is that you can finally get rid of the anger in your heart, and fill it with peace, compassion, understanding, and a desire to uplift rather than suppress.

    After all, we are all together on this home, this pale blue dot, the "only home we've ever known.”

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    Great job. Kudos. Unbelievable dedication Richard.
    Just enjoying another day in paradise.


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      Exciting and an enormous win for Edmonton Metro - thanks to your vision and leadership. Congratulations.


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        This looks like an incredible opportunity for sponsors and advertising on the site.

        How would a person buy advertising space at the show?
        What sponsorship opportunities are available?


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          We keep working with the Province on what we can and cannot do this year. The border, funding, physical distancing, insurance, and other factors keep changing almost hourly. However, given the groundwork laid over the past few years, the US assets all are still committed to attending. We are looking at alternate dates as well this year.

          It is not that the silence means nothing is going on. It means that a lot is going on that I cannot comment on publicly until there is a degree of certainty. Otherwise, it brings false hope and false expectations.

          After all, examples here as of late show you how a small bit of information can get extracted and repeated so that it becomes a completely different message.
          My hope is that you can finally get rid of the anger in your heart, and fill it with peace, compassion, understanding, and a desire to uplift rather than suppress.

          After all, we are all together on this home, this pale blue dot, the "only home we've ever known.”


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            Just change the name to the Edmonton Air Show Protest and you should get the all clear to proceed.