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Marriott courtyard / Thornton Court

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  • Marriott courtyard / Thornton Court

    You know, I think this is a great little success story. A non-descript office block turned into an attractive and destinctive hotel.

    I drive by at night, or look up from the east and I see block with lots of distinguished architectual detail ... not a lot, nothing flashy, sort of a 3 piece suite with just a little pinstripe there. I'm not sure what has been done, it seems to be a different colour, now it looks like sandstone and yellow brick. It seems like there is more detail than there used to be.

    The lighting is very well done, and accentuates the look of the building... I'm afraid the "Orange wash" of the sodium lights that illuminate the Mac just look awful in comparison.

    What was the old office block's only distinctive "feature". an odd protruding parking ramp has been turned into a signature patio with one of the best views in town, nay, one of the best views, period.

    It's taken a few years, a couple of owners and been done a little bit at a time, but what a transformation! I think it's a great success story, and done in typical edmonton fashion, quietly, without fanfare.

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    I have to agree, that's one of my favorite sopts down there too.
    What was with that crazy reflective thing there before?
    That thing made me laugh.

    I can't think of anything bad with that place really. I like the "Orange wash" actually. It makes it feel really comfortable personally.


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      It is amazing to see "Franklins on the river" transform into a neat place to be (Riverside Bistro). That is my favorite lunch spot.
      My hope is that you can finally get rid of the anger in your heart, and fill it with peace, compassion, understanding, and a desire to uplift rather than suppress.

      After all, we are all together on this home, this pale blue dot, the "only home we've ever known.”


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        That Bistro has an amazing view! Great to have a relaxling lunch there in the summer and boy is it busy.
        LA today, Athens tomorrow. I miss E-town.


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          Now that is one building that deserves some floor to ceilinq.qlass!!!