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    Because Edmonton is terrified that without an NHL team, we'll have nothing to attract the gaze of people from other places. Threaten to move the team and we'll crumble like a house of cards. So much of our identity is tied up in a hockey team. It defines us, not just to others but to ourselves.

    The "City of Champions" moniker was not for the sports teams but because of citizens response to the Black Friday tornado. But the sports teams quickly appropriated it and, when they started losing, the people soured on it.

    It feeds into our obsession with things being "world class". A standard condo/apartment complex tags themselves "world class" simply because people will buy into it, thinking that it's something special.

    We squeal with delight when we get a tall building, ignoring the fact that it's not all that special as far as buildings go. Many cities has taller buildings and ones that are much more interesting architecturally. We enjoy the moment in the spotlight when a new arena opens, ignoring the fact that most people elsewhere don't know much about it and don't care for the most part. But, it's "world class" and that's good enough, even if it sits empty more than the old arena did.


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      Originally posted by Replacement View Post
      Originally posted by SP59 View Post
      The Entertainment District that lessened entertainment options for the city. Another legacy.
      Just as footnote to this comment there was one event at Rogers Place in the month of August. One.

      The place has been dead much of the summer, just like last summer, but worse with no Hlinka cup.

      Why did we build all this entertainment district?
      i think you might be confusing the ice and entertainment district with the downtown arts and entertainment district which is basically both sides of rue hull (98 street) from jasper to 103a avenue (and not to be confused with the whyte avenue arts and entertainment district etc.). from the ram to rapid fire theatre at the citadel it was probably more active than in years past even with the disruptions from construction in the square and at city hall and the library and for lrt
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        I don't think he's wrong.

        Straight from the horses mouth.

        ICE District will be the largest mixed-use sports and entertainment district in Canada and is already projecting an energy and feeling unlike anything Edmonton has seen before.
        If they refer to their own project as an entertainment district, why can't we? Or should he have specifically said
        Why did we build all this sports and entertainment district?