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Edmonton's first appearance on 100 Best Cities list

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    Originally posted by McBoo View Post
    Yep, arbitrary and highly questionable. Istanbul? In the current dictatorial climate, Istanbul?(and yes, wondered about Baltimore too, no doubt much to praise it but terrible, terrible income inequality, slums and racial tension)Dubai? If you're stinking rich maybe.
    Well EVERY best of list is subjective and arbitrary. Istanbul has a rich cultural history, lets say on par with Rome and perhaps equal or better to some place like London. If you are visiting, you may be going for those reasons. I am not sure the current character of the local government is a huge issue.

    I am not quite sure how Baltimore made it on to the list. Dubai, I understand is impressive in some ways, but like many of the so called best cities in the world, not for travelers on a budget. Obviously, no place is perfect and every place has its strengths and weaknesses.

    Overall, it is interesting to see how we rank according to cities across the world and we actually do quite well. I think we take some things for granted that other places don't have. As the saying goes, people vote with their feet and Edmonton has grown a lot over the years, so while we who have lived here for years may not always recognize it, the people who move here do.


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      And a modest (well maybe not modestly priced) effort to make it even better:
      ... gobsmacked


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        So, from never on the list to jumping to #60? Doesn't sound legit to me. Sounds like the editor asked for some new cities to be in the list this year lol