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    This'll likely come across a bit strange, but I wanted to put this out there as it was the best handling of a terrible situation that I could have imagined.

    On Monday I made the agonizing choice to put my oldest cat to sleep as she had been having some health issues & unfortunately turned a corner that no amount of love, care, affection, attention or treatment could pull her back from. As it was late in the evening my regular vet was closed but in the interests of ending my poor little old lady's suffering I took her to Guardian since they're open 24 hours. The staff were extremely empathetic, understanding & kind. They walked us through the process & treated me & my cat with the utmost respect.

    I had her for 16 of her 22 1/2 years. Everyone remarked how a tiny little cat, bought from Londonderry's PJs Pets in 1995 as a Valentine's Day present managed to survive & thrive so long. Even in her dishevelled & diminished state at the end of the road, the nurses & doctors at Guardian remarked at how marvellous she was, all things considered.

    Can't say enough nice things about Guardian & the treatment I received there. Truly.

    I'll miss you forever, my little bean, my Bailey.

    bailey by Dion, on Flickr
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    Sorry for your loss, noodle. That's the absolute worst part about owning a pet, but you did her a favour, really.
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      No regrets. She had an awesome life & I know I did the best I could with her. I mean, 22½ is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a generic pet-store kitty. I made myself a promise that I would do whatever it took to give her as many good days as I could & that I wouldn't be selfish when those good days ran out & she was looking only at days that were more bad than good. Monday was the day that line was crossed.

      She knew how loved she was right up to the end & I wouldn't change a thing about any of it.

      Thanks for your kind words.
      Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


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        She had a good life and a long life. We use Mayfield vet, and when the time came ( too soon) to put my little spaniel down, they were so great with me. I was unable to let him go.
        Bailey lives on in your heart and memories.
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          Sorry to hear about your loss Noodle. We had to euthanize our 21 year old cat a few years ago, so I know how hard it is to say goodbye when the time comes. You took good care of her, and gave her a good life.