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Serious Motorcyclists: Where Do You Shop in E-Town?

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  • Serious Motorcyclists: Where Do You Shop in E-Town?

    Serious motorcyclists:

    1) Where do you shop for your riding accessories here in the Edmonton area? Why do you like that place?

    2) What shop/dealership have you gotten good service from?

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    I can tell you that Argyle was absolutely horrendous in the past, but apparently are under new ownership so maybe there will be some improvement. But personally I won't take my Ducati back there again after my last bad experience. Just look for my Google review if you want to see what they were capable of in the past. I know of at least three people with worse experiences, including one who left the shop after a brake service only to discover that, uh, he had no brakes.

    Scotia and Cycle Works have been good for accessories, but I haven't bought a bike from either.


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      Here's my review copy and pasted:

      I recently brought my 2011 Ducati Multistrada in to Argyll to have it checked over. It wasn't needing a service mileage wise, however I was going on a long trip down the Pacific Coast Highway with it and wanted to get it looked over first. The service tech I spoke with when I dropped off the bike was specifically advised of this, that I would be putting a couple thousand kilometers on the bike immediately after the service, and to please advise of any work that should be done beforehand.

      Upon picking up the bike, they commented that everything looked great and that I was good to go.

      Unfortunately, that was not the case. The rear tire was showing steel banding from being completely worn approximately 400 km in to the trip, leaving me stuck in Astoria trying to locate a suitable tire and more importantly a 12 point, 55mm socket to get the wheel off the bike. How they could have missed the condition of the tire and advised me to replace it immediately is beyond me.

      Also, I have been in their gear/apparel section several times the summer of 2014 to look at purchasing new riding pants, jacket, and helmet. Not once was I ever approached by a salesperson to offer assistance, as they were apparently too busy playing with their phones or talking to each other. In the end I purchased the pants/jacket from Scona, where Heather was extremely helpful and ordered me in out of stock items with only a 3 day turnaround. The helmet I purchased from Cycle Works, where again they were extremely helpful and ordered in the helmet I wanted.

      Overall, I can't see how I'll ever deal with Argyll again, even though that means taking my Multistrada to Calgary for service. It's unfortunate that they seem to think that carrying BMW and Ducati entitles them to have incredibly poor customer service, but that seems to be the case.


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        ^ Hey man, this is supposed to be the Rave section! Just sayin'
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          I've dealt with Echo Cycle, Alberta Cycle, and Riverside Yamaha in St. Albert. I had hit-and-miss experiences with all of them for finding good accessories at reasonable prices.

          All of these dealers are terribly bottlenecked for mechanical work for the first half of each riding season. Very frustrating when my bike needs carb synching.
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            My only experience has been through Honda Extreme. I do my own oil changes but the odd time I've brought my bike there for other mechanicals, I can't say I've had a bad experience.

            Other than helmets, gear wise in the past I just went online. Tried the stuff in-stores and ordered online through various sites. My stuff is over 4 years old now, so I don't know how online prices stack against the brick and mortar stores.


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              I'm a supporter of Honda Extreme as well. At any given time I own a variety of bikes and do most of my own maintenance however when I do need parts or accesories, HE are always helpful and priced right. It the part doesn't have to be OEM, I'm very pleased with Honda Extreme.
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                And if you into Harley Davidsons ...
                After Dark motorcycles of Edmonton has a great selection of clothing and related parts available , as well as s few sale bikes from stock to custom always on hand .
                I've always had polite and courteous service there ... If they don't have it they can get it and install it if you desire .


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                  ^thanks for this, Igniters. You are the third person to tell me that After Dark is a good vendor!
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