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First dual citizen loses Canadian citizenship

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  • ^Any hysteria being whipped is over terrorism, but I really don't see it being a great political move for Harper. I think he's imagining that Canadians are more paranoid than they are. maybe as paranoid as he is.

    Unfortunately not enough care deeply about good government.


    • ^ The average voter wants more programs and infrastructure that cost less funded on lower taxes in a balanced budget. They want a diversified economy, but they don't want to spend money on expanding into other sectors. They want smooth and well-kept roads, but they don't want road construction. They want to leave the world better off for their children, but they don't want to drive less or pay more at the pump. And over all this, they REALLY want to make sure the scary brown women in cloaks don't come and ruin our culture, which by the way shouldn't cost us anything to promote, because that is a waste and who cares about culture anyways.

      No, the average person doesn't care about good government. The average person doesn't even know what good government is. They make emotional knee jerk decisions about things without doing any sort of critical thinking or research into the subject. Then, they broadcast their poorly informed opinions through our society like a plague.

      Democracy: can't live with it, can't live without it.


      • Why revoking citizenship is silly

        Scenario 1: Middle eastern/Canadian dual citizen is accused of terrorism. Before we can strip them of their Canadian citizenship, their other citizenship is revoked. Due to international law, it is illegal for us to render them stateless, therefore they must remain Canadian. If we start revoking citizenship, then you can bet your butt that other, less considerate countries, will be quick to rubber stamp the revocation before we can.

        Scenario 2: Canadian/UK dual citizen is accused of terrorism in UK. The UK revokes their citizenship. we are forced to take back our citizen. Oh my, how the tables have turned. We are setting a disgusting precedent here, which could blow back in our faces.

        Revoking citizenship is, truthfully, pointless. If they're guilty of a crime, put them in prison. Not because it's right, but because the other options are worse.
        "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal


        • Men deported without being convicted of a crime.

          Two men ACCUSED of plotting a terrorist attack have been deported. They were not given a chance to defend themselves in a court of law.

          Moreover, they are now free on the streets of Pakistan more angry than ever at western governments. They will have all the freedom in the world to carry out plots there.

          This is a human rights violation and a violation of the Canadian constitution. The officials that made the decision should be tried and jailed.


          • They were not citizens, and as such definitely subject to deportation.

            In this case there is no problem with them out of the country.

            Everything I have said so far applies to the idiocy of expatriating citizens.

            But not in this case.


            • They were permanent residents, and as such had the right to a fair trial. This is punishment without due process, and thus a violation of their human rights.


              • Gaming the system?

                Vancouver hospital sues foreign-born mother for $1m - BBC News



                • 313 grand. Holeee. Then 1.2 mil. Stupid numbers. Who would or could pay it. Nobody. 3.13 grand would be high already. It would be reasonable for an uninsured birth. Jerks.
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