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New Air China Cargo route links Edmonton with Asia

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  • New Air China Cargo route links Edmonton with Asia

    Great news!
    It's not EIA it's YEG

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    Here ya go.
    Nisi Dominus Frustra


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      Originally posted by howie View Post
      I once started a thread called something like How do you approach c2e? Here's why...

      For those that connect to c2e via the Home page, new threads are like "news items" on a news site. So if c2e is aiming to increase readership by average Edmontonians such news is deserving of its own new thread. It attracts the eyes. At the same time, the three or four year old articles tend to work against the best interests of c2e.

      For regulars, the "New Posts" is the way to go for current events or run on discussions.

      Thus deleting such new threads / "news items" is somewhat self-defeating.

      Bottom line(s), it's a pity that the home page doesn't show newly updated threads (anymore). Cross-referencing for a period of time may be a good fallback though new threads do scroll off quickly some days. (I'm just glad we're not seeing the hostile "Search first!" responses as if c2e was supposed to be a closed community of users forever keeping up with every new post.)
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