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  • Museum 737 some good news...

    Proving there are some great people and businesses out there...

    Time for some good news!
    Since late 2013 it has been a pretty rough ride for the Alberta Aviation Museum and the recent break- in of the Museum’s 737 located at the Villeneuve Airport was heart-breaking.

    But it seems like things are turning around, at least with regards to the Boeing 737!

    This morning during a short press conference, Dale Hyrve of Canadian North airlines presented the Alberta Aviation Museum 737 team with an excellent used emergency door to replace the one stolen from our museum 737.In addition to the door donated by Canadian North (valued in excess of $5,000), Dale Hyrve also pledged that Canadian North will provide the museum with replacement items from the theft if they are available from Canadian North’s used inventory; smaller items that were stolen or damaged. (

    Canadian North has been a strong supporter of the Alberta Aviation Museum and the Boeing 737 program. Through their massive and ongoing support, they have been fundamental to the success of the museum and our 737 program including being instrumental in allowing the 737 to be flown out of Edmonton City Centre Airport last November to its new home in Villeneuve.
    All of which is greatly appreciated by the Alberta Aviation Museum and its volunteers.

    Also Willis Aeronautical Services Inc. of Boynton Beach Florida, USA has contacted the museum and offered to provide small parts that Canadian North cannot. Again, support like this is greatly appreciated by the Alberta Aviation Museum.

    Finally a local Automotive Company will be working with the Alberta Aviation Museum to provide a new state of the art surveillance/alarm system for the 737.

    All of this support is greatly appreciated by the Alberta Aviation Museum and shows how much the Museum is valued in the region - and far beyond. It also demonstrates how close knit the aviation community remains…regardless of distance.

    Thank you to these great supporters as well as all of those that have supported in the past and the individuals that expressed concern at the break in and on other matters.

    Alberta Aviation Museum
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    Outstanding acts of class and generosity. This is testimony to the respect and high esteem this museum is held in the eyes of many. Great to hear.
    Make the RIGHT choice before you take your last breath......


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      ^ Well said.

      Very happy to see these better turns from these great museum partners, and greatly relieved to see the evolution of the excellently stewarded museum in this critical moment.
      Let's make Edmonton better.


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        That is very great news to hear.
        LRT is our future, time to push forward.