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Edmonton police budget increases $6.3 million

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  • Edmonton police budget increases $6.3 million

    Friday » December 15 » 2006

    Police budget up $6.3M
    Force will put 'boots on the street,' chief says, with at least 27 additional officers to be hired

    Susan Ruttan
    The Edmonton Journal

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    EDMONTON - City council put an extra $6.3 million into the police budget Thursday, enough money to hire at least 27 new officers.

    "I'm very pleased, because we can put those boots on the street," police Chief Mike Boyd said after the council vote.

    Last year, council did not approve money for extra police officers.

    The department will hire 55 new staff members and Boyd said at least 27 of them will be police officers.

    "But I'm working at increasing that."

    The Edmonton Police Service employs about 1,400 officers.

    Council also agreed to provide an extra $1.3 million to cover police overtime costs in 2007. The department has routinely overspent its overtime budget in recent years.

    Council didn't approve the full police wish list, however. A request for $1.1 million to cover legal fees and other costs was voted down.

    Boyd said he'll have to find the money elsewhere in his budget.

    As with money added to the budget Wednesday for more fire and ambulance services, the $6.3 million extra for police will come from the portion of property taxes that normally goes to the province to fund education.

    The provincial government now allows municipalities to take some of this education tax revenue as a way of providing them with extra funds.

    Council has allocated $9 million in 2007 spending from the education part of property taxes and Mayor Stephen Mandel said no more will be added.

    Last year, the "tax room" amounted to about $12 million for Edmonton, but city council didn't claim the money.

    Council hopes the province will provide new funding for police next year and that Premier Ed Stelmach will keep his promise to give local governments $1.4 billion in extra funding.

    In other budget decisions, council voted to:

    - Spend $500,000 to promote Edmonton's image.

    - Give the Edmonton Public Library an extra $625,000 for more materials about and for aboriginal and multicultural customers, and to improve services for seniors and the disabled.

    As of the end of Thursday, the 2007 city budget would raise taxes 6.1 per cent over last year. That doesn't include the spending to be raised from the provincial part of property taxes, which constitutes another 1.5 per cent. Council expects to wrap up the budget today.

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    if i recall, most police per capita and yet still a terrible crime rate.



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      Canadian police personnel and expenditures


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        Originally posted by E-Town Crusader
        Canadian police personnel and expenditures
        hey thanks....but im curious then because i very much recall that being reported a yr or 2 ago.



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          What are these extra police going to do? They better be doing more than speed traps. All I know is photo radar was put in place for that. I hope we see more police presence in visible problem areas like Whyte and downtown.


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            I'm sure that is a real concern. I don't think we'll be seeing an influx of new recruits heading up speed traps.
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