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motorcycle noise - it's getting worse

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  • My car is one of the models that generates engine noise for inside the cabin. They even mount a subwoofer under the dash to provide localized rumble & bass to it. I had it coded out, much prefer the quiet.
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    • Originally posted by KC View Post
      Maybe motorcycle owners could pump fake noise into their helmets.
      Great idea! Maybe put a vibator under the seat for the rider and his girlfriend.

      I had no idea that automakers are adding fake engine noise.
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      • Geez, fake engine noise into the cabin is really old news. That's been happening for years now.

        Move to the country if you don't want to hear noise... save for the odd Magpie chirp.
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        While people behind me, are going insane.


        • Winter is such a beautiful time of the year! No motorcycle noise.
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