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Who's fault would it be in this specific traffic scenerio?

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    Originally posted by Paul Turnbull View Post
    Originally posted by Marcel Petrin View Post
    There are three way sections like Paul posted where the single lane side can pass, as the center lane is not solid. They have to yield the center lane to oncoming traffic, of course.
    With passing lanes like these there shouldn't be any oncoming traffic as there's as a double solid between the opposing traffic directions.
    I believe Marcel is talking about these situations, where you are allowed to pass in the passing lane of opposing traffic:


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      Ahhh, that makes sense. I spend so much time driving in the mountains I'm not sure I ever see those.

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        They are a bit risky in an extreme case where a car is following a truck going up the hill to closely. If the driver behind decides to use the passing lane and quickly changes into the center, he may not look to see a car being passed going down hill.
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