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Behaviour of Cops in Edmonton

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  • Too many Hollywood police shows. They think that’s reality and it affects them.
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    Just enjoying another day in paradise.


    • EPS could be worse I guess..

      In Quebec Woman gets ticketed, lectured, berated, and detained for the apparent *Crime* of not holding onto an escalator railing.

      Scroll down in the same article and theres a Montreal report of a young adult that was restrained and put in danger (almost hit by a passing train) for the apparent crime of dribbling a ball on the subway platform and being ordered to stop.

      The unfortunate reality in policing is that some of the cross section of people interested in such a position are control freaks.
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      "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


      • The issue in escalator escalation was a transit cop imposing his power much like transit police and mall cops. They can't make the requirements of a real EPS officer so they act as little brownshirts.

        The woman won the original case easily but then she went against the transit authority and the City of Laval and it took 10 years to settle.
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