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Driver Distraction law... is it working?

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  • You usually wont get pulled over for doing less than 10 over.
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    • Hmm. Is the thinking behind this statement valid?

      Survey shows we still don’t get the dangers of texting and driving | Driving

      “A recent study by Desjardins Insurance presents a bit of a quandary; 80 per cent of respondents said they’ve seen others driving while distracted (overwhelmingly using a phone), yet only 38 per cent will cop to doing it themselves.”


      • It is a weird statistic. They are mutually exclusive and not connected as they seem to want to construe. Just because 80% have seen seen others drive distracted out of thousands of drivers that we have seen over the past year. I wonder if the other 20% who claim that they have seen no one distracted, which I highly doubt unless those 20% of respondents were distracted themselves at the time.
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        • So, I'm stopped at a crosswalk and a cop drives past. I follow the EPS car to a light. I motion to her to un roll her window. I ask her if why she failed to stop for the pedestrian in the crosswalk. Her smart *** remark? I didn't stop you for your "loose load" did I? I took this to her superior who spoke with her. Her excuse....I saw them NOT in the crosswalk. And that she was "running my plate" SO..I'm stopped and she drives past without so much as slowing down and claims those I stopped for hadn't entered when she was "checking my plate" Driving without due care and attention or distracted driving along with the crosswalk violation...The result....No charges. Cops stick with cops.
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          • Maybe you should post her badge number on this forum.
            Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


            • Originally posted by Edmonton PRT View Post
              Maybe you should post her badge number on this forum.
              I would love to have. This conversation happened at a light we were stopped for and not enough time to ask for it.
              Make the RIGHT choice before you take your last breath......


              • Just realized that using a smartphone to pay for a coffee or food in a drive-through would very likely be a violation of the distracted driving law.


                • ^Huh?

                  The only way you would violate the distracted driving law is if you were making a payment using your smartphone while operating a motor vehicle on a public highway (Section 115.1 of the Traffic Safety Act). I would advise against this. Wait until you are in the drive-through line-up and you should be okay.


                  • 2015:
                    'Kind of heavy handed': Alberta man ticketed for texting in Timmies drive-thru | CTV News


                    Distracted Driving: Is it Illegal to Send a Text While Waiting in a Drive-Through Line


                    Well, it’s not talking texting or emailing so maybe it’s ok.

                    Distracted Driving

                    “As of January 1, 2016, the fine for breaking the distracted driving law is a $287 fine AND 3 demerit points.

                    If a driver is exhibiting more risky behaviour, they can be charged with driving carelessly and receive a fine of $402 and six demerit points.

                    While driving (including drive-thrus), it is illegal to:

                    Use a hand-held phone while talking, texting and/or e-mailing
                    Operate electronic devices like video players and laptops
                    Manually program GPS units or portable audio players
                    Read or write
                    Engage in personal grooming “

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                    • ^Here is what the legislation says:

                      115.1(1) Subject to this section and the regulations made under section 115.5, no individual shall drive or operate a vehicle on a highway while at the same time (a) holding, viewing or manipulating a cellular telephone, radio communication device or other communication device that is capable of receiving or transmitting telephone communication, electronic data, electronic mail or text messages, or (b) holding, viewing or manipulating a hand-held electronic device or a wireless electronic device. (2) An individual may drive or operate a vehicle on a highway while using a cellular telephone or radio communication device in hands-free mode.

                      5) Subsection (1) does not apply in respect of a vehicle that (a) is not on a highway,

                      Have to admit the news story was confusing. Is it possible that he was caught texting while on a public street and then issued the ticket while at the drive-through?


                      • The RCMP Reminds Canadians That You Can Be Fined For Eating While Driving - Narcity

                        “On the issue of eating and drinking while driving, the RCMP said that “it's best to avoid eating and drinking while driving” and recommends that “if you need to take a drink, wait until you are stopped at a red light.”


                        And loud music:

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                        • From one of the links above. More in the actual article but here’s s comment about private property. Raises the issue of using a smartphone etc in any parking lot too.

                          “I don't understand how private property such as a Tim Horton's line up falls under the Highways Traffic Act.


                          2015-12-14, 11:04:20 AM
                          Great question! I didn't think to look at it from that angle, so I had to do a little research to find the answer. Not all provinces are the same, but the Alberta Traffic act is effective on "privately owned property that is located within the municipality to which vehicles driven by members of the public generally have access". So this would include parking lots, etc.”



                          • ^Okay. But I would rely on the actual wording in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act rather than what is posted on a blog.

                            Is it possible that what is being referred to is that a person can be ticketed on private property for a distracted driving offense that took place on a public street or highway? In other words that the police can come onto a drive-through or a parking lot to ticket you but could not come onto your yard or home to do so?


                            • Interesting article.

                              CBC News: B.C. motorist fined for driving while dining with chopsticks

                              B.C. motorist fined for driving while dining with chopsticks
                              B.C. drivers have long tested the limits of distracted driving laws. But the ramen hit the road recently for one Kelowna woman...

                              Read in CBC News: