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Annoying Driving habits in Edmonton

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  • Teaching Rats To Drive Tiny Cars Helps Them Relax, Scientists Discover
    I am in no way entitled to your opinion...


    • “Between Friday evening and noon Saturday, 89 collisions were reported Edmonton police, 17 of which were hit-and-runs and 12 of which caused injuries.” - Global News

      So generalizing, basically 1 in 5 drivers are morally bankrupt. Or fewer if there are serial hit-and-run drivers hitting several cars in the same period. Otherwise, of every 5 drivers/people you meet one of them will be the type to leave the scene of an accident.

      Or maybe some drivers don’t even know they’ve damaged another vehicle so I’m double counting, if two drivers are reporting the same hit-and-run.

      As an aside, I don’t recall ever seeing so many vehicles on the road with so much side body damage. Seems that I see several vehicles a day with scraped fenders and doors.
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      • The only thing worse than the roads yesterday were the drivers on them. Well, maybe the 60-70% of cars on bald all seasons that couldn't accelerate, brake, or corner.

        Sure notice the lack of ice melt!