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  • Tamarack Subdivision - Avoid!

    Tamarack is a new subdivision that is attracting lots of interest but the developer (Dundee) and various builders are not being entirely fair with their customers. As someone who has been burned by moving into this subdivision I think more people should know about what's happening.

    Basically when the subdivision was open for sale there was no method to actually enter the construction site. None of the developer maps showed that there was a train line in the area! A noisy train that runs very frequently, especially at night.

    Those of us who initially purchased lots based on the sitemaps and the assurances of the sales agents were pretty surprised when once the subdivision opened we found out how close the train was to our homes (it basically runs through some people's backyard!).

    So we confronted the builder (Summerhill Homes) but their sales agent told us the line would be discontinued. By the time we found out the truth from CN Rail that the line would not be discontinued, Summerhill had our sizable deposit already.

    I've created a website to organize information about what has been happening here:

    And there's a petition to protest this here:

    Just thought people should know. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.

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    sorry man.....if you didn't know you were living close to a railline, it's your own damn fault. Geez, people just can't take any responsibility for themselves nowadays. The line has been there for 80+ years, did you not do ANY research whatsoever, before making such a big investment?
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      There's doing your due diligence, but then there's being lied to.

      If the developer told them that the line was to be discontinued when in fact it wasn't, that's fraud.


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        why on earth would you ask the developers sales person if the CN Rail line is going to be discontinued. Sure they lied to you, but did you at least get something in writing from them or see something from CN that said they would actually be abandoning the line they were using?
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          I took a look at your website and I'm not entirely sure what it is you're looking for. Compensation? Deposit refund so you can purchase elsewhere? Also, I live on the far northeast side of the city and even I knew there was a rail line next to the marsh. You can't miss it when driving on the Whitemud. The sales agent definitely erred when suggesting the rail line would be discontinued, but otherwise I think it's buyer beware. Trains run through many parts of the city including my place and I barely notice it. Lastly, it's mentioned often that the development is just a field... all developments are just a field until they are complete.
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            I totally agree... at the end of the day we were stupid. We have learned a lot though, as you can tell by reading the links I supplied.

            We did some research but because we didn't know how CLOSE we were to the line, we had no idea of the effect... the house shakes multiple times a day. I've never lived close to a train line before so I had no idea what would happen.

            It also took months for CN Rail to get back to us on whether they were discontinuing the line. When you decide to build a house you have to put a down payment on the house immediately. Once you do that you lose the money if you back out.

            We built the house during the housing boom and there was a time pressure (i.e., other people waiting in line to claim our lot) if we did not make the purchase. We had already lost other lots in other subdivisions by taking too long.

            By the time we found out the line would not be discontinued we had already paid the money, plus lined up selling our existing house, et cetera.

            At the end of the day, regardless of people being stupid though, the city should not have allowed another subdivision to be built so close to the train line, Dundee shouldn't be withholding train information, and the builders in the subdivision shouldn't have told people that the train was being discontinued.

            At the end of the day all I can do is convince other people not to move into this subdivision. It is noisy, the shaking damages the houses, and it will disrupt your life. Don't move into Tamarack.


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              Train Noise

              The train noise we have gotten used to. It is the shaking of the house that we can't sleep through.


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                Normally trains don't make the ground shake but that whole area is marshland, pretty soft stuff. I didn't check the petition but have you and your neighbors asked the rail company if they'd consider looking into that?
                "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal


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                  when we lived in ottawa, my parents built a house in an in fill development that backed right on to the CN tracks. the back of our yard was a fence, and then the tracks.

                  the house definitely shook. not a significant amount, but enough to notice it if you were awake. the sound wasn't bad. my parents kept us entertained by getting us to count the number of grain cars, heading off to this mythical place called Alberta.

                  the plus side was that our lot was massive. probably 200' from the back of the house to the fence.


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                    I work in a building that's directly adjacent to a rail line, and i can attest to the shaking. we always know when a loaded train is rolling by because the entire 2 story office building starts shaking. I've even had clients asking if there's an earthquake or something. It's pretty noticeable.

                    Sorry to hear about the location of your house, but i have to side with the buyer beware people on this one. A 2 minute google maps search shows the proximity to the rail line...


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                      In regards to the google search -- there were no houses there when we made the decision. Doing this search in 2007 would have just shown an empty field and a line. No houses for comparision.

                      We did drive out onto the field as far as we could without getting stuck, trying to guess where the house would be, but without streets, it was pretty hard to figure out how close we would eventually be.


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                        That rail line has existed for nearly a century, connecting to Calgary through Camrose and Three Hills. As the port at Prince Rupert expands, there will be even more cargo coming through bound for southern Alberta.

                        As a general comment, the city shouldn't allow developments such as Tamarack, not because of the proximity to train tracks, but rather because they are devastating for the environment.

                        Schools in communities such as High Park, Woodcroft, Newton and Ritchie have been closed over the last three years so new ones in Tamarack and other sprawl neighbourhoods can be built. Perhaps people who've moved into these areas can explain why their children deserve to walk to new school, on new sidewalks, while families in mature parts of the city have been forced onto buses and are dealing with crumbling infrastructure.

                        Residents in Tamarack complaining about train vibrations, like the group in Cameron Heights upset about freeway noise, are not deserving of much sympathy, in my view.


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                          caveat emptor



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                            I really have to wonder why the city would allow such a row of houses to be built along a rail track? On the site map did it show and clearly mark the rail line? Was the map accurate showing where your house would be? I don't know if all that can help you.

                            My work building is 2 blocks away (approx. 200m) from the train that runs through Town and we can feel the building shake. Darn Marsh land!


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                              Originally posted by lat View Post
                              There's doing your due diligence, but then there's being lied to.

                              If the developer told them that the line was to be discontinued when in fact it wasn't, that's fraud.
                              Now you just have to prove it.
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