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My Edmonton is nicer than yours

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  • My Edmonton is nicer than yours

    I've been commuting to and from my office by bike this summer. I've always thought Edmonton was beautiful, but you just don't realize how beautiful it is until you get away from the bumper to bumper traffic, suburban office parks and Tim horton's drive throughs and experience the beauty (and odd quirks) by bike.

    Here's a map of my route from my approximate start to approximate end point. It's about 11.6kms and takes somewhere around 35-40 minutes.

    Leaving downtown


    Bike path/trolley line

    Park at the top of the valley

    Royal Glenora Club

    Looking south from the High Level Bridge towards the University of Alberta

    Looking north at Oliver

    Trolley tracks go under 109 street

    Looking North East towards downtown

    "covered" bike path

    Restaurants and stores on the South side of the high level bridge

    Aprroaching the University. Various old homes turned into offices and frat homes.

    University of Alberta

    Students Union building. The top floor facing the other direction (looking over th evalley and downtown is a bar.


    HRIF Medical research lab

    Belgravia/Mckernin neighbourhood

    Looking over Belgravia road at the new bus flyover under construction

    Foot Field. University Football.

    Grit? An abandoned curling club.

    New Curling Club in background

    University farm

    A high rise tower on the edge of a farm?

    New Orleans?

    A couple km's of this. University farm on either side

    At least it's gots some density...

    Whitemud Drive

    Ski Hill in the middle of the city

    Have to move quickly before they start throwing fireworks at me

    Almost home
    This picture didn't work out very well

    Thats better.

    got 1.3M? You can live a handfull of houses away from me.

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    What a great way to de-stress after work. Nice images
    Edmontonian and proud of it!


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      If the U of A Farm does close down, imagine the possibilities of that land.
      “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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        I started bike commuting too (only 1x a week so far, but working on getting that up...) and am loving it. I head out to Refinery Row but get to take bike trails 60% of the way, non-busy streets 35% of the way, busy street with very wide shoulders 3% of the way, and sketchy traffic only 2% of the way.


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          Originally posted by Sonic Death Monkey View Post
          If the U of A Farm does close down, imagine the possibilities of that land.
          South campus...



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            Not all of the UofA farm lands is destined to become the UofAs south campus... a large portion of it yes, but not all of it.


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              A very nice Edmonton indeed. Thanks for the pictures. I'll get back to you about whose Edmonton is actually nicer...
              Let's make Edmonton better.