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2008.05.19 - Westmount Heritage Area and RAM

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  • 2008.05.19 - Westmount Heritage Area and RAM

    Actually Westmount Heritage Area, Groat Estates and the RAM, but that's too long a title.

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      What is the story with Groat Estates - is it possible to knock down the buildings if you own them? They seem to average around 90 years old, from what I understand. Many are in good order, and add to the character, of this neighborhood, and the city. But some are very run down as well (especially close to SPR).

      It's a tricky thing Heritage. On the one hand, it is great if a neigborhood can preserve housing, but on the other had, due to the costs of perservation, it can lead to the odd eyesore. In many respects, I think I prefer a bit more of an eclectic mix of old and new, just to weed out the rot if you will, and add some vibrancy.


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        ^ I don't think Groat Estates has that restriction. There's quite a bit of new stuff in there, although maybe that's just on the edges.

        In the Westmount Heritage Area though, almost everything predates the 1930's. And Westmount is an amazing example of heritage done right. Almost all the houses in there are in amazing condition.

        edited to add:

        Normally I like the mix of old-and-new too. And in areas like Glenora, where previously there had been a mix (a pretty significant mondernist presense, for example) I don't like the fact that everything being built now needs to look victorian to "fit in."

        Westmount is different though, because it really does feel like a time capsule since it's nearly all original.
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          amazing of the few i would consider when i "leave the core".



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            ^ ditto. In fact I have some family who live in that area and it's always a pleasure to visit.


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              I love Westmount and would jump at the opportunity to move there. At least I live nearby the neighbourhood.
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                The turn around in Westmount today from what it was like 15 years ago when I had a friend living there is pretty amazing, really. Back then it really was a pretty sketchy place. Especially North of 111th (which still is to some extent), but even between 107 and 111th it could be quite dodgy at night. But now it's a great little mature neighbourhood with some fantastic old homes in it.


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                  Originally posted by raz0469 View Post
                  Especially North of 111th (which still is to some extent), but even between 107 and 111th it could be quite dodgy at night. But now it's a great little mature neighbourhood with some fantastic old homes in it.
                  I have never felt that comfortable at Westmount Mall - I think this had to do with having so few shops of interest. Once a location loses customers, and becomes a bit too quiet, it can feel a bit unsafe. So I am hoping that the Home Depot is going to improve things a lot, as it will attract lots of people from across income spectrum's. The transit centre behind the mall leaves a bit to be desired as well - it seems to me, wherever there is a bus transit centre, there are often issues that a neighborhood has to deal with (be it Westmount, Jasper Place, WEM, etc.).

                  Westmount is a confusing neighborhood to discuss, as people think of different areas. It spans a few different income bands, with some lower income pockets to the North, and some high income pockets to the South. And they are isolated pockets, that seem to me, to have little connection to one another, thanks to the busy roads, and ravine, which cuts it into pieces.
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                    The RAM isn't as bad as I remembered it.
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                      Just a random observation, but standing on the iron bridge, holding a fancy (borrowed) camera out over groat road, fiddling with the lenscap, while cars and busses are zipping past a few feet away, and with the walkway reverberating beneath your feet...

                      It's disconcerting on a very deep level.


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                        Looks like a really nice area - exactly the kind of houses I could imagine living in if I would live in Edmonton! (If I could afford it...)
                        What are those cables in the street (over the road) for, cable cars?